G6, how enter a BG meter reading

I finished my first full 10 days with the first Dex G6 sensor. To the hour and minute. I changed the sensor, deciding I did not want to push my luck with even trying to restart.

However, the G6 manual says you will be asked to do two calibrations. I have not calibrated the first sensor at all and can find no menu item allowing it.
New sensor after warmup showed a BG of 147 while meter showed 124. G6 up to 156 after about 10 minutes.

Regardless of all that, is there a way for me to enter a meter bg number into G6 if I am sure I need to? I looked on youtube but did not find it.

The first sensor was amazingly consistent with my Contour meter. The first day was a bit wonky so I will see what happens overnight with the second one.


Do you mean you would like to calibrate the G6? If so on the phone app you click on the upper right hand corner “settings” button and scroll down to the calibrate link. A screen will pop up to enter BG. I find that when I enter a calibration into the app that the next reading will halve the distance between finger stick and sensor readings and after that it will closely approximate the finger stick reading. There isn’t any way to simply enter a BG reading into the app without calibrating which is a bummer since it would be helpful for record keeping.


On the reader, on the bottom left are some bars which is the menu, just tap that and you will see calibrate as one of the listings.

I’m confused—that sounds like the G5 start up. “No calibrations” is one of the primary selling points of the G6. Are you sure you’re not looking at a G5 manual? As long as you enter the sensor code the G6 wont ask for a calibration, so that’s why you’re not finding much about it. If you do need to calibrate, use the “Settings” link in the lower left of the app’s home screen, and you’ll find the Calibrate option toward the bottom of the settings list.

You’re right that the readings can be erratic in the first 12-24 hours, and opinions vary on whether to just wait that out or try calibrating. The claim against doing it is that calibrating resets the algorithm and you get better results overall if you resist, But I will get impatient and do one if it’s far enough off from my Contour.

One thing that seems to help is to “pre-soak” the new sensor by inserting it 12-24 hours before you do the transmitter switch-over. I.e., you’re wearing two sensors, the old one that’s still running and the new one that you haven’t swapped the transmitter into yet. The idea being that this gives the filament more time acclimating to your interstitial environment and any inflammation around the insertion has time to settle down. Seems to make some difference for me, but I still get some erratic readings at the start of a session anyway. Lots and lots of comments on this if you do a site search on it.

ETA: @Firenza describes the “Settings” link being to the upper right in the App, so it may differ according to what your smartphone platform is. Mine is an iPhone.

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That’s what I thought too, DrBB! But, I’m only going on what I’ve read posted because I don’t have the G6 yet. I do think you’re spot on though!

I’m on Android.

Not if you put in the code located on the protective covering for the sensor adhesive.

If you enter the 4-digit sensor code, you do not need to and will not be asked to calibrate. You are only asked to do 2 calibrations, if you did not enter a 4-digit sensor code.

You can calibrate even if you have entered a 4-digit code. On my G6 receiver you get to the Calibrate menu, by touching the screen, touching 1 then 2, then selecting Calibrate. Maybe if you use a phone app the menu system works differently.

Now, should you calibrate? You probably don’t have to. It is tempting to try to calibrate during the first-day wonkiness but in my experience it is better to just let it go wonky, calibrating doesn’t stop or correct the wonkiness. The second day it will be back on the money without calibration.

To avoid wonkiness, I have taken to “pre-soaking” sensors. On day 9 of the old sensor, I put in the new sensor. (Optimally 24 hours before the old sensor expires but I don’t always hit that mark). When the old sensor expires I move the transmitter to the new sensor and start the sensor. I have never had any first-day wonkiness with the pre-soak.

That’s what I do with my G5’s and I’m leaning toward doing the same thing with my second-ever G6, due 7 days from now.

I finally figured out the calibration thing. I swear I clicked on the bars before and did not get the menu that I later got after posting on here. Now I have calibrated a couple of times. Mainly in the morning when I got quite different meter/G6 readings. And for now I trust my Contour meter. Though my records have shown very good meter/g6 comparisons.
By the way, my diabetes NP whom I saw day before yesterday, strongly encouraged me not to pay out of pocket for the Tandem x2 because of new Medtronic better sensor coming out. Plus i am now in such good control (too good for my endo who wants me as a T1D living alone to have a bit hier A1c).
I told NP I hate the un-user friendly aspect of Medtronic sensors but she is sure they are working on that aspect.
I really like the unobtrusiveness of the g6 and I prefer its receiver to my iPhone so will stick with that. Only on sensor 2 however!!!