G6 inaccuracies towards end of life beyond 10days

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This is a 9yr old thread, and I am wondering in this context, if the Dexcom G6 population still have a similar experience: when the sensor has been in use more than 12days, has been restarted, recalibrated, and indicates low, often greater than 8mmol/l compared to BG meter: G6 indicates 3.5mmol/l; BG meter measures 12.5 or higher mmol/l ? I guess the evidence is clear: this device is ready for replacement. Just wondering.

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It’s a crap shoot for me, most of the time I can put in a new sensor and use it straight no problem. Sometimes it is crazy off for the first day. Sometimes it goes crazy at the end of day 10.
Most of the time it’s good the whole time.
I have been able to restart with no issues except around the 15th day it loses accuracy.
For me it’s easier to not restart them, I have insurance for them so I don’t mind getting new ones. I end up paying about 6 dollars out of pocket each sensor