G6 'restarts not allowed' error message on new sensor


Yes, I had this happen about a month ago. The Dexcom rep I spoke to at first said that I must be restarting a sensor- even after I told her multiple times that I wasn’t. She said she could send me a new sensor. She was exceptionally unpleasant - even scolded me for placing my sensor on the back of my arm vs on my abdomen even though that was entirely u related to the reason I called.

It was very frustrating to know that I would have to take off a brand new, fully functioning sensor because of whatever went wrong.

I ended up responding to a survey that Dexcom sent me about the conversation- my rating was as low as I could give.

As a result of my survey response, I received a call from a different Dexcom rep who said it had nothing to do with a sensor restart. She recommended waiting 30 minutes in between sensor sessions- leaving the transmitter disconnected from any sensor during that time. I did appreciate this call because it helped clear up what the actual issue was so I could avoid a reoccurrence.

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Thanks for relating your experience, @katers87. I don’t take kindly to scolds – especially when it’s the failure of their product that caused you to call.

Interesting that the second rep you talked to recommended a 30-minute separation between the stop sensor on the old site and the start sensor on the new site. I’ve yet to see that in print on any of the various documents they publish. You already have to fly blind for two hours, adding another 30 minutes is frustrating.

But even with these complaints, I don’t want to live without the data that Dexcom produces when it works. I guess we need to cut the company some slack. I need to remind myself that I enjoy immense benefits with all the modern D-tech that is available to me.

Yes, it’s improved my quality of life by a lot. I wish Dexcom provided as good of customer service as they used to, and I wish I could still restart my sensors.

But I’m very grateful to be able to use Dexcom’s products, and nothing is perfect…

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I restart almost all of my sensors. Rather than using a test strip to remove the transmitter, I use a guitar pick or a hair clip.

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I was told by Dexcom support to wait 10-20 minutes before starting the new sensor. So now I usually wait about 15 minutes. It does seem to improve the accuracy on the first day or two.

Yank it off/out! Peeling off the parts of the overpatch that don’t want to release is the slowest part. Probably helps to not be hairy :upside_down_face:.

Here’s an update to my original post. I started a new sensor session today with a new sensor. As luck would have it, the new sensor also contained the same sensor code as the previous one.

I let 30 minutes elapse between stopping the old sensor and starting the new one. The new one started up normally with an uneventful 2-hour warm up and an automatic start of displayed readings.

This persuades me that allowing some decent interval, like 20-30 minutes, between two different sensors is important.

Thanks to everyone for adding your perspective on this issue!


I also did a successful restart with an 8L transmitter, via tandem pump, waiting 20 minutes.
Once started and done with 2 hour warmup, my Android phone with xDrip started showing same readings as pump.

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I just checked my recent transmitter box materials. The “start here” instructions include the step to enter the new transmitter id into phone/receiver. It then does say to “wait up to 30 minutes for pairing”. Shows image of receiver giving green check once paired.

But in the full “Using your G6” guide, there is a “reusing your transmitter” section, but no mention of 30 minute wait. Not sure if pairing is done every time a sensor is started, with existing transmitter.

I’m just quickly jumping in to this thread, however after decades of T1 management and early user of pumps (many manufacturers), and CGM, I found far too many flaws, errors, poor service, and rejected claims to get any real value.
Based on this discussion it sounds like a full time job for end-users to sort out work-arounds for these technological options. Users should not have to do so much work. It’s as if users are field testing the product…

I think it’s much more that case that Dexcom are deliberately not publishing the entire parameters governing sensor starts, because doing so would make restarting predictable and reliable, encouraging more people to do it. The ‘restarts not allowed’ is a feature that has been deliberately engineered into the transmitter software, most likely using a defined number of sensor read/transmit cycles for which it needs to be disconnected in order not to trigger the error. Or it may be a defined number of minutes/seconds. It’s likely that it may be implemented differently in different transmitter or firmware versions. But I can guarantee you this particular issue is nothing to do with random errors or random variation.

No, this is just to do with the bluetooth pairing of your transmitter to your pump/receiver/phone. This isn’t relevant when starting a new sensor session, the transmitter stays paired.

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