G6 Transmitter failed after 2 months

Woke up this morning to a ‘session ended’ message on Dexcom telling me to install new transmitter. I’m barely 2 months in on this transmitter. Decided to try a new sensor and still same message. So I called Dexcom and they are telling me they will get a new one out to me in 7 days. WTF?? So now I since Medicare wont cover test strips with G6 I have no way to test unless I go buy strips? This is BS.

Did dexcom rep tell you this?

My understanding is MC should cover strips, with G6, but they no longer bundle strips with sensors. You should get RX from dr and be able to get covered.


MM1 is right, you just have to get a separate prescription for strips. And the limit should be higher while the CGM is inoperative, though I haven’t had to deal with that situation.

Hopefully it’ll arrive sooner. I find that even normal orders usually get here (on the other coast) in three days.

I recently had an early transmitter failure for the first time – at 91 days, so it wasn’t covered under warranty.