G6 transmitter lifespan?

I know from years of usage that a G5 transmitter can go 111 days. The way to get it to that is to do a start, or restart, of a sensor before day 105. That means precisely the last second you can do a restart is at day 104, 24 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

So what is the day and time that I need to do a final sensor-start with a G6 transmitter?

I got my first transmitter started on August 18 2019.

I changed sensors every ten days.

The first transmitter was still good for a restart on day 100.

On day 110, at the sensor change, I had to switch to the new transmitter (receiver forced me to key in new transmitter serial number at that time).

So the number for me is bigger than 100 days but less than 110 days.

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Sorry I don’t have an actual number of days, but last transmitter I was using, I got the warning that my transmitter was going to be ending and it suggested not starting the new sensor. And of course I did and it didn’t go because the transmitter would have failed during the session. Fortunately when I called, they walked me through the how to handle this and sent me a new sensor. So the next time, I changed the transmitter before a true stop date, but better that than losing a sensor.