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I used the Clinitest tablets the first few years of my diabetes, starting when I was 13 (Hey! It was 61 years ago today! How about that! I almost forgot to celebrate!). They were one of the few enjoyable features of the disease: I was a young kid with a bent for science, and here I was doing science in my bathroom! And getting all kinds of wonderful colors in a hot test tube! Just like the SF/horror movies!
Boiling my glass syringes every morning wasn’t quite so much fun…

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Thanks for the memories. Interesting how many on the list started out that way.

People just Dx’d have no idea.

As was I. Got to learn firsthand what an exothermic reaction was, as I marvelled at the process and hoped it would come up dark blue (which meant a candy bar :rofl:)

Unfortunately it more often than not was bright orange :crazy_face:

i enjoyed mixing water in the sample to lower my range, but not to normal, that was too easy. How much water to add to get to 2+ that was the sweet spot. LOL