GALLSTONES a common Problem with us

I suggest All Of us New and Old Read up on this subject… It’s apparently very common problem… I’m starting to go thru it myself…

Factors that may increase your risk of gallstones include:

Being female
Being age 60 or older
Being an American Indian
Being a Mexican-American
Being overweight or obese
Being pregnant
Eating a high-fat diet
Eating a high-cholesterol diet
Eating a low-fiber diet
Having a family history of gallstones
Having diabetes
Losing weight very quickly
Taking cholesterol-lowering medications
Taking medications that contain estrogen, such as hormone therapy drugs

Just try to :
Eat as Little High Fat Foods ( Sorry, No More No Fast Foods or Pizza)
Eat As much Fruits and Veggies as you can tolerate, I know they Raise BG’s and Just have to take Insulin for them
And Take Fiber Supplements such as :
Fiber Therapy- Psyllium Powder- 1 Tsp with 8oz water -once a day Min.
Highest Fiber Bread…( but they do come with Higher Carbs, so take more Insulin)

and maybe others will chime in with their recommendations.

Getting a CT Scan…Process
1- Urologist Needs a CT ( Cat Scan)
2- Both Fasting and doing both a With and W/O Contrast, which requires drinking something 1 hr before taking the CT…