GAPS time

Starting May 7th:

Beef feet and chicken bone broths made in crockpot, drink 1 liter daily
Make water kefir soda to drink daily (1 liter)
1 protein meal a day, unprocessed meat and herbs/spices only

supplement with:
1 b-vit
2 selenium
1 kelp
1 magnesium
1 d-vit
1 cod liver oil (buy new stuff w/o soy lecithin)
2-3 BCAA on workout day
1 l-glutamate

Essentially intro GAPS protocol. 7 days of phase 1 needed!

GOAL: Lose 15 pounds by wedding date.

Exercise (starting May 1st) :
HIIT runs 2x a week
Heavy lifts 1x a week per BBS
Hot yoga 1-2x a week :)