OK can’t spell it but here the question…Whoelse suffers from it and what meds work for you?

My sister was diagnosed with this three years ago. She went on the pump two years ago and cut virtually all (and I mean all) fat out of her diet. I know she was on medication for it–I recall it looking like a nastier version of Pepto-Bismol. Her diet is still rather restrictive, but she has a wider variety of foods and she can eat some additional fat now. The issue has resolved itself to a manageable level it seems. I apologize for not being able to recall the medication’s name!

She actually got a drink? They started me out on the purpel pill that you can buy over the counter now but stronger when that didn’t work they kept ching me to different pills then gave me one to take before meals. Don’tfeel bad about not remerbing the name I take all kinds and can’t rember the names only to take them or I will pay for it BIG TIME!

I am in the UK, and I take domperidone, which is a tablet which makes the stomach move more and so absorb better.

That’s more of what I want. Do you know if they will prescribe that in the U.S.?

I’m taking Reglan (metoclopramide) for it- I’m not sure if I have gastroparesis, but I sure get really full after meals. My blood sugar levels have been great since I started taking it. I take 10mg before each meal.
It does have some funky side effects at really high doses for some people- haven’t noticed any yet, thank goodness…

They put me on regland at 1ST then kept on changing me as it progressely got worse. It is great and I understand not being sure if you have it or not but to be honest the symptoms your describing are what I had at 1ST. I will never clam to be a Dr. but that’s what it sounds like to me.

I have no idea if you can get this is the US, but it also has the brand name Motilium here and the 10mg ones can be bought over the counter at a pharmacy.

Thank you for the info! I’ll talk to the pharmist the next time I get refills and see what she says about it.

Yes I have it too, but a fairly mild case of gastroparesis. It can be just awful. I was on Reglan before meals. But I haven’t been on it for a very long time. Sometimes when blood surgars get back under control gastroparesis gets better.

My son has gastroparesis, not from diabetes but rather another health condition. He has been on Reglan and for a year had to have tube feeding (a GJ tube). the Tube feeding worked the best. He seemed to get better and got off the tube, now when it bothers him he will go on a short burst of Reglan and will eat small meals only.

Doris, the Domperidone is not available in the US. If you get a doctor to write a script for it, you can get it from Canada - I heard that it is expensive though.