Gastric bypass surgery to curb t2d

I have been blogging about the Ontario OHIP process for roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton.

I’ve had t2d for about 12-13 yrs, always in control or sub-optimal control, with only a short period of being out of control when my drugs stopped working about 2 yrs. ago. I went on insulin, and regained control, and some more weight.

I was 156 lbs. at 5’8" as a teenager, and as I got older and played fewer team sports, no individual sports, I gained weight. By the end of my first degree, I was about 170 maybe, then there was professional school, hitting 180-ish by the end of that increasingly sedentary time. I started my career, sitting a lot, eating at odd times, going to gyms to work out, but canceling when I got too busy…food was comfort, too, for the pressure of the job. I ate well, often and too richly.

As my duties involved more “business development”, ie, chasing prospective clients or keeping existing ones happy, I spent lots of lunches and dinners wining and dining. I was good at it, so I did more and more. Less and less of pure exercise, no team or other sports on a regular basis - the odd golf game, some curling, but nothing regular, intense and frequent.

Every few years, I reached new weight plateaus, until I reached about 230 or so, then started the t2d roller coaster of weight gain from meds. I hit 300 two years ago when my meds stopped working, and I’ve got that down to 273 now with a lot of work.

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you’ll see my old and new posts about my t2d journey. I’d appreciate your comments.

Hi Grant , now mid March …what is new about the proposed surgery ??..I’ll visit your blog next …maybe the answer is there .
Be as well as you can be .

re blogspot… No updated news there either !!!