Gastric Stapling/ Hypothyroid/Diabetes

There is new evidence out that gastric stapling CAUSES unstable blood sugars.. I have not been able to stabilize ever. This occurs after the 2-5 year time period. My stapling was 20+ years ago with a pouch that was 1 cm wide and 10 cm long. I cannot go on much longer with this difficulty, but, cannot face surgery. I have had too much of that too.I have tried to locate a doctor to get my blood work done but no one has answered from The Doc Shop. Would love some input.

I still after all these years am still not able to eat a small balanced meal especially with protein like beef , forget pork, chicken is better if it is sliced very thin. I eat mostly peanut butter .i believe I do have gastroparesis.. I fill up too fast and then the food feels like it is sitting around the collarbone, gastric re flux, sour stomach, general intolerance to food unless it is semi-liquid....I do have a meter but am so fed up I wish I could just throw it all in the garbage.Makes me feel like I would not rather eat.I drink lots of water, my doctor and a few health support people have told me this is the problem..Do't know what to do

I have gastroparesis & glad to share my experience. It certainly adds a new dimension to diabetes. I know your pain & utter frustration.

Evening meal is my most problematic, which is typical. Red meat is the hardest to digest. When I eat red meat, it's in the form of ground beef, or cooked in stews or soup. Fish, eggs & Greek yogurt are the easiest for me. I also eat peanut butter & almond butter. I eat small meals slowly & chew very well. No raw foods, though I do have salads now & then for lunch. At the start of meals, I take betaine HCL digestive enzymes with a glass of water. I eat at least 6 hours before sleep because I had horrendous morning fasting from food digesting overnight. I take a walk after dinner. Seems to help the bloated, uncomfortable feeling.

I also take high dosage probiotics every morning 15 minutes before breakfast. Not a gastroparesis treatment, but it helps with malabsorption problems once my stomach does empty.

I tried liquid meals, soup, green drinks or homemade protein shakes. Though helpful for many, it didn't make a difference for me. Worth a try.

You mentioned acid reflux. Are you taking meds for this? A serious condition, of course. Check with your doctor about taking digestive enzymes with acid reflux.

I looked at your page & didn't see what type you are or what treatment you use. If you're T2, please speak with your doctor about insulin. More T2s now use insulin for better control.

Such a Catch 22 with gastroparesis. Stable BG greatly assists with healing the neuropathy, but how to have level BG with an unpredictable digestion?

I had some mild gastroparesis and small meals are very much the key to treating it, also easier to digest foods. Eat slowly and listen to your body, when it is telling you its full, listen. Also Reglan helps many who have gastroparesis, helps with making the stomach work a little faster.

Also it does not surprise me about the gastric stapeling. I've seen lots of people with bad side effects after having it done. Especially problems with ulcers and anemia.

Thanks for your prompt input. I am Type 2 on insulin.
Yes, I am on Prevacid for the reflux I take them before bed as I can sleep better without the fear of reflux..
Lettuce for me is out period. I break out in sores... too hard to digest.

I finally have some answers to my dilema. The diabetes /stapling are only the lesser of a bigger problem. The real problem is something else. I am trying the diet for celiac disease. Oh my !! What a difference. We are beginning to get along my stomach and I.I am no longer thinking of having it removed. I am so excited. Have been exercising faithfully and am now down to my teenage weight. I still take Prevacid but might cut back one tablet/day, as it also causes the stomach not to digest properly. No more cholesterol problems. The only thing I need to do is get the A1c down to 7 or less. As of the last test, it had come down 3. I was so afraid to go for the results for fear of getting clobbered my doc. He said instead, "I should be very happy". And I am. I guess the peanut butter and oatmeal paid off in spades for me.
I had cataract surgery 2 weeks ago and now have 20/20 vision in that eye. May 4th I go for the vision test to see what I need.
No more antidepressants. Just kickin' butt and I'm lovin'it.

What wonderful news! So happy for you.

I'm glad you are feeling better. Hopefully, this will provide you with a range of other health improvements, celiacs can cause a whole bunch of problems. Given your response, it is also reasonable to request that your doctor give you the specific tests to see whether you have a gluten intolerance or celiacs.