Geeky Introductions

It doesn’t look like this group is too active! I thought I would jump right in and start a thread where we can introduce ourselves (I see that some of you have done it in the page comments).

I’m Misty. I am a Linux / UNIX geek. I started using Linux in 1996 when I was a music major in college. Before that, I had very little computer experience, having only gotten my first computer about 6 months before. Somehow I took to it, and got more and more curious. So before I knew it, I was dual-booting Windows 95 with Linux.

Also before I knew it, music became my minor and CIS became my major. Most of my friends and family were amazed and stupefied, but it has worked out well.

Throughout my career I have worked for an e-commerce API and fraud protection provider, then Sun Microsystems analyzing Solaris kernel corefiles, then a small ISP, and currently for an engineering and manufacturing company. My current job is my favorite – I’m the sole network administrator, and I handle everything from websites to desktop workstations to phone systems to CNC manufacturing equipment. I love doing DBA work and programming with PHP, but I also really love just making things work and keeping them working. I have good people skills and that seems to be a somewhat unique trait. My customers (the company employees) tell me often that I am easy to work with and they just can’t believe that a “computer geek” would have such a neat and tidy office!

Hi Misty, Welcome to the group. I dual boot my laptop at the moment xp/Ubuntu(sorry about the spelling) as well as Fedora on our servers. I’m pretty new to Linux but I love it so far… Just trying to setup video editing at the moment.

I believe the program you want is Cinerella… :slight_smile:

Thx for that I got it installed now looks great and seems to do just what I want so far… :slight_smile: