General household question not related to D

I just installed new shower curtain and the new plastic smell is filling the bathroom! :frowning:
Do you know how can I eliminate it fast? I need a shower! LOL

spray some febreeze?

You should have aired it out first…outside and then spray it with fabreze

pour some regular vinegar in a bowl and place it in the bathroom with the door closed for about 30 min. it neutralizes odors.

Scott, thanks I will try that sometime…you are handy to have here!! lol :slight_smile:

Vinegar, hmm that sounds interesting, gonna try it. If didn’t work will use Lysol fresh scent! Couldn’t aired it since its raining out side, however it is gonna get wet in side!!! LOL

Thanks guys

yes it will smell of vinegar for a bit, but it really makes nasty smells dissappear. i quit smoking 3 months ago, and left a bowl of vin. in each room of the house. went out for the day, and when i returned i swear you couldn’t smell the vile, stale cigs any longer.

I don’t know, rinsed in rainwater sounds pretty good but the vinegar will probably do a better job actually removing that aweful smell of plastic.

Throw it out if it has an obvious strong smell. There was an alert on the news many months ago about certain shower curtains that have this strong smell. Chemicals seep out of these plastic curtains during a warm/hot shower and can cause breathing problems and more. I bought one of those Really colourful picture ones before I heard this and the smell was so strong that we couldn’t stand it. I did throw that one out and got one that had only a slight odour which are okay.

tee hee, make sure you get the supe duper shower curtains, the cheap ones suck. I just finally got rid of the bleach smell in my bathroom. Or maybe i’m used to it… I had one of those drop in bleach tabs for the toliet. So strong!

Ya I tried them once and that was it, the bleach tabs. Regarding the curtain I don’t pick any cheapy one, just one that I like and find in the store. But do you know any Super Duper ones? Like a brand or something that I need to look for?