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Does anyone else have lots of pets? We have 2 dogs and 4 cats! :slight_smile:

Wow! I’m the main one looking after our Pets and I know I couldn’t look after that many. Not even mentioning the cost. I’m sure that they keep you hopping regularly. :smiley: Good for you.

No, I do not have lots of Pets but I have had many different types through my Life, so far. Our Sweet doggie Captain died in 2001 but we remember him with fondness. Nine years ago, our Daughter asked us if she could have a cute black, dwarf Bunny which we allowed. She’s still Very active and occasionally has a temper tantrum and throws things or rips her bed up. :slight_smile: We Love her! Pets are Wonderful companions and a credible and enjoyable alternative therapy.

At this very moment, I have a kitten lying here in front of the keyboard sound asleep… the dogs are in the back yard and the other 3 cats are out haunting the neighborhood… not too hard to deal with! :slight_smile:

Yes, I currently have 6 cats. I used to have goldfish and rosy minnows also, but my 3 year old killed them by repeatedly putting stuff in the fish tank. He thought he was helping them. I currently have 1 kitten, Frosty, on my lap playing with my sweater and hair whilst trying to eat my pork cracklins. His sister, Rosie, is peacefully lying down near my feet. The other 4 are being lazy. Furry friends make great therapy for any condition.

We have three Golden Retrievers. They are not officially Therapy Dogs, but they are my therapy dogs. Well, and our companions, family members, entertainment, exercise…

Our little kitten has taken to playing with my big male cat… and he plays back until he can’t stand it anymore and then he tries to hide! :slight_smile:

Right now only the kitten is in the house, but the others have stopped in for short visits all day!

Now one of my cats officially has more than 1 medical condition. Should I create a category for pets with multiple medical conditions?

Maybe this is a symptom.... Hummmm
5 Dogs
1 Cat
2 Birds!!!
And if my kids had anything to do with it, we would have even more.

Maybe it's part of our passion for living? I have always had pets in my life and I've always eaten lots of good food!

Someone wrote something bad about Warfarin, but I can't find it now. What did you mean? I started taking it the last part of November.

Yvonne-I think you are referring to the comment from bikette about warfarin on your intro discussion. She said it is used for rat poison. It is because it causes the rodent to hemorrhage. If course, the exterminators use a lot of it. I am sure your doc doesn't have you on such a large dosage. lol

Wait a minute !!! There are 2 Yvonnes in this group. One with a kitty avatar and one with a young lady avatar. I think the warfarin question was asked by the kitty Yvonne, but the comment from bikette is on the YOung lady's intro.

My hubby was on warfarin and I asked my doctor to take him off them for it was messing with his moods (really bad) and changing who he was even though it fixed the problem, not good stuff at all, has too many side affects

jrpPup has a group for all this stuff. No point having 2 groups the same is there?

OK. How to talk to your endo when he insists on prescribing a pill for hbp that you know you cannot take? I'm 76 years old, type 2 since 1998, have high blood pressure and was recently diagnosed by an orthopedic specialist as having spondylitis. He ran tests, asked me a lot of questions and I do not doubt I have it. But, on my last visit to my endo, he had a lot of blood work done (which he doesn't do often enough to please me) and came up with the idea that all diabetics take two pills for hbp. I tried to tell him (not the first time we've had this conversation) that I've gone through all the families of bp meds, and either they do not work or the side effects are too much for me to handle. That's why I only take Bystolic. His response was to hand me a prescription for Losartan/Cozaar, which I discovered by Googeling, that the first side effect was back pain. Hello? And you are not supposed to take an anti-inflammatory drug while on this. To put it mildly, I was thoroughly disgusted. No way am I going to take that pill. I had the feeling he did not believe the diagnosis of spondylitis. So. My question is, how to I approach this doctor or do I find a new one? Oh. Bloodwork showed nothing out of line with my kidneys other than a Ur Alb R <2. Supposed to be 0.0-18.8 Someone on a web site said this figure was normal. This endo hasn't had blood work done on my kidneys in ages. Neither he nor my primary doctor (an internal medicine doctor) has ever said I had a kidney problem. On the other hand, I was diagnosed with fatty liver years ago. He wants me to have more blood work in two weeks. Is this to find out whether the new med is harming my kidneys? I do not understand any of this.