Genesis of LOOP

For those that have had their lives changed by Loop you might be interested to read the history of Loop.

Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things… Thank you to Nate Racklyeft, Pete Schwamb, Katie DiSimone, and everyone else who has contributed Loop.


This is an interesting piece that documents, from an insider perspective, how this people-powered altruism project evolved.

When I attended the DiabetesMine D-Data summit last November, I was awed to meet Nate Racklyeft, Pete Schwamb and Katie DiSimone.

I can only hope that the medical professionals, diabetes tech companies and regulatory agenicies will begin to see the patient as a rightful member of this group when decisions are made.

I love that this movement did not ask permission but took the initiative and forged ahead. Our point of view matters and holders of the status-quo may choose to ignore us but it is at their own peril!


Thank you! Great article! One day, I too will be a looper :slight_smile: So, to those named in the quote above, Thank you!

Dont forget Sergei Skorobogatov…always have to google how to spell his name. and Dana Lewis…who will be speaking in Minneapolis in the fall.

I think once parents of kids with T1D got on board, initially to have visibility (nightscout), there was no stopping moving to the next step ! I can just imagine parent watching trend, feeling helpless not being able to make corrections.

Its good to remember how long this took to achieve. Sorenson wrote his thesis on this in 1978. Ali Cinar worked his whole professional life building predictive models for BG. The complex models paved the way for the simpler one that we have today. It paves the way for complexity that will be added in the future. The freeware community is still able to build upon the ideals through which the public internet was founded. Dexcom adhered to those principals by granting us access to the data (they were our first love). Tandem and Omnipod gave us reliable hardware. Medtronic did what they did.

We have a super engaged, educated patient community that continually tests, experiments, and communicates on platforms that people like our Tu admin make possible so that our collective experience prevents everyone from having to make the same mistakes over and over again. That forces the paradigm forward. There will always be more to do, but I for one, thinks I’m gonna be running a 5.something a1c. I have all I ever wanted. I can die happy now.

But, onward diabetic soldiers! Things will be moving quickly now. There will be automated systems a plenty to test soon. get your appetites ready. Nobody can do it alone. Meet back here in 3 years and I bet the world looks very different. Its a wonderful time to be a diabetic.

Never thought I would agree, but I’m starting to…

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