Georgetown basketball star just diagnosed

I don’t know how much most of you guys follow sports, but I am a sports freak, I get the daily ESPN email newsletter, and last week it wound up in my diabetes filter. Turns out, Austin Freeman (not related to Kris Freeman), the leading scorer for the Georgetown University men’s basketball team was held out of a game for flu-like symptoms, but it later turned out to be diabetes.

Today he played in the first game after he was diagnosed. Apparently, he, like many of us, refuses to let diabetes stop him. He scored 24 points en route to a 74-47 blowout of Cincinnati.

It’s never nice to see another person diagnosed with diabetes, but it is very nice to see somebody like Austin Freeman that takes this disease and not only moves on with his life, but also dominates both opponents: the other team and diabetes.
Look out NCAA, “Never underestimate the power of a diabetic!”

Remember that Morrison kid?

Now that my Tar Heels are out of the tournament, I know who I’m rooting for.
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My little guy is only two, but I’m determined that if he wants to play sports, he will, diabetes be damned. Every time I see one of these stories about T1 athletes, it’s heartening. Thanks for posting, and watch for Eric to be part of the 2026 USA Olympic hockey team

I just finished my senior basketball season, my second season with d.

I was diagnosed the week before the end of my junior soccer season.

I will be ready to support your son in 2026, as the diabetic on the US hockey team, and whoever his nhl team is.

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