GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease)

Have any of you been diagnosed with this? I went to the otolaryngologist last week, with laryngitis, and that’s what he said I have. I want to get a second opinion, though. All the literature about this disease says you should not eat at bedtime. I often do, because I’m a Type I diabetic and don’t want my BG to drop dangerously during the night. Sometimes it does, and my CGMS alerts me, and then I need a snack. I suppose eating DURING the night is even worse (he put me on generic Zantac at bedtime). Well, I Googled this topic, and DIABETES SELF-MANAGEMENT popped up with an article about GERD, and it says its common among people who have had diabetes a long time. I’ve had it 37.5 years, and have no complications. Well, let me know, please, if any of you has had this diagnosis, AND how did they make this diagnosis? Did they give you a test? This doc. simply looked into my larynx. Thanks!

June English

The only time I get a sore throat is sometimes with a cold and I get heartburn usually once every 4 months. I do not have any other symptoms. So no, I do not have GERD.

I do know someone close to us who has it though. He was dxd. at his GP because he had frequent heartburn and a couple other symptoms plus 2 risk factors. The GP also checked his throat. He was given a perscription for it which helps.

Since GERD deals with the esophagus and stomach, see a gastroenterologist for second opinion. He may want to do a 24 hour acid test to determine severity. Laryngitis is only one of the symptoms experienced by those with GERD. What you eat at night would have an effect on the acid in your esophagus and creeping up into your throat when you lie down. So something alkaline might be better than something acid.


i was diagnosed with gerd about a year ago after having horrible heartburn and a burning feeling in my throat, and i read in several places that this type of problem is common with type 1, along with gastroparesis. it turns out that my problems are mainly from another autoimmune disease called eosinophilic esophagitis, which is not very common, but i was diagnosed with the gerd initially based on an endoscopy and a stomach emptying test for the gastroparesis.
hope you feel better soon–the zantac will hopefully be a simple solution for you.

I have had GERD for many years, since long before my diabetes diagnosis. It’s complicated by the fact that I also have an arrythmia and the GERD makes the arrhythmia worse so I really try and control it. I don’t eat at bedtime but do have my worst problems with the acid reflux at night. For me, it is more about what I eat than when I eat and we are all different (sound familiar!) but for me the main offenders are onions, tomatoes and oj (which I no longer drink with diabetes anyway). I’m currently trying to identify less obvious offenders to get better control like caffeine and carbonated beverages. Some of the other things I do is try and not bend over after eating and if I have symptoms I sit up straighter rather than recline on the couch like I like to do while watching TV. They say you should raise the back of your bed and that adding pillows can actually be worse, but I find it helps to use two pillows if the symptoms are bad. I take Nexium and recently had to add something called Sucralfate 3 times a day. Further limits on what we can eat in addition to diabetes are a pain, but I guess there’s worse things!

June that’s about what happened with my diagnonis. I had diabetes for 30 years when they told me I had it.

Doris, I am Dx with GERD. I take Omeprazole 20mg at bedtime cuz that’s when i have my problem, not necessarilly from eating late but from laying flat. A lot of times the GERD is because you have a “floppy” or weak sphincter muscle at the base of the esophagus leading to your stomach. My Dr wanted to give me Nexium but my Insurance wouldn’t pay for it until I try some of the cheaper alternative drugs, I have gone thru most of them. My daughter in law also worked in this field and told me Nexium works the best cuz it lasts about 22 hrs. Then Aciphex. The Omeprazole lasts about 16 hrs so if i took it in the AM as it was ordered by night time when I have the problem it is no longer in my system. Altho my Doc said I could take it in the AM and take Pepcid at bedtime. I found it to be more effective than Zantac. But the strongest prescription drugs are Nexium, Aciphex,Protonix, Prevacid and Prilosec ( which is Omeprazole as a generic) Walmart has great deals on OTC generics for this. Hope this helps a little,

Joanne I found that the Omeprazole didn’t work for me so the Dr put me on Nexium. Well that was from years of trying though.

Do you recall if it was ONLY the laryngitis that brought you to the doctor? I’m in a horrible mess right now, since I sing professionally, and also because I teach music (public school - Grades K through 5). Do you take Zantac. Does it work? What else do you do. I am scared!