Get In The Zone!

What a great place TuDiabetes oasis.
I come here daily, to my sanctuary. I'm hooked! I need TuD., like I need the air that I breathe.
Within TuVille, one of my favourite hangouts is without a doubt...
The place to be to feel good, for a laugh, to start your day...and to unwind after a long one! A place to share joys...and sorrows. To give support AND be supported. A place to soothe your fears. We laugh and we cry. THE CHAT ROOM...a family made up of friends you can count on in an emergency (after you've made the logical first steps of calling a doctor etc...we're not doctors after all!).
It's during one of those chats in "THE Room" that the thought came to me! While touching on pumps, food, carb counting, work and all the stuff of life, with members from every corner of the world, it came to me as an epiphany....that in spite of countless time zones,
there is but one that truly matters here The TuD. Zone
Get in the Zone!!

(luv and baskets of hugs...linda)

u said it all linda! good post!

Thank you Doris....actually, the Chat Room pretty much speaks for itself!

you said it all , linda, so true !

too true linda!

So well said Linda. Wonderful.


Couldn't have said it better ;) The Zone rocks!

Sounds cool! I would check it out but it's not accessible with my screen reader. :( And I find it impossible to keep up trying to use magnification, with how fast conversations go.

Great post,Linda....and so, so true.

linda i just read it again,so true, the best place to be

We might have to feature this bringing more awareness to our beloved Chat Room!!


Admin would know!!