Getting 1st time Omnipod soon

Hi Everyone thanks for letting me join. I do not have my pump yet but am in the process hopefully will have it by the beginning of July. excited been way to long on needles.

I have been reading the forums and it seems that the new PDM are colour screened and bright. when I looked on the site and the brochures I see the same thing, big and colourful.

When the rep showed me hers it was monochrome when I asked her why they say coloured screen and it is clearly monochrome she said well it is actually a blue screen so they call it coloured screen. this does not seem right.

so is it coloured or not?

how long to the batteries in the PDM last?

who figures out how much and how often the pump drips insulin? the Endo? or diabetic nurse? etc.....

can I take the used pods to a hazard waste plant in my own city like I do my needles now?

where I am go (4Hours away) for my diabetes it is the RN who refills my prescriptions etc.....

but for the pump the rep has to teach me how to use it since there are very few pump nurses there.

I am in Canada so not sure how different it is from the states and here.

thanks in advance


one more question if you don't mind. can the software program for the results on the PDM work on a mac? the meter I use now is the insulinx meter and just this week have been able to use on a mac with the 2.0 update.

They are all colored screens. Though color is not dramatically used throughout the system. Only where it needs most attention.

There is no software for the Mac, and probably won't be. Since Macs still only make up about 4% of the computer population and shrinking, it's not a target for most companies.

Hi dishers. I don't have the new and improved PDM/pods but the only color on my PDM is the background - to the best of my knowledge, no text or numbers or charts are colored.

Batteries last weeks for me ... probably 4-5 weeks. It will likely depend on your "screen timeout" setting ... mine is set at 20 seconds. The battery level indicator is a tricky thing - it will go from 3/4 full to 1/4 full in the space of a day and one thing you don't want to do is let the batteries die on you unless you can change them immediately. Dead batteries for a while = death of the pod.

My specialist and nurse determined my basal rate, if that's what you mean. Also the increment at which a bolus feeds through the canula.

I hope some of that is helpful. :)

Lol... Try about 15% and growing. You must be a Windows fanboy.

Thanks Ren, I am so excited, after 14y I finally decide to get a pump now it seems to be taking forever. LOL. good to know about the batteries. will keep spares with me.