Getting back into shape

Hey everyone,
So I'm trying to get back into shape and I mean really get back into shape! I used to dance, run and do martial arts, for about 2.5-3hrs/day 5days a week (this was almost 6years ago!) . Now if I get 3hrs of workout per week in I am proud of myself! sad I know, haha.

Anyway, I had some questions:
1. How many hours a day do you usually workout for? and how many days a week?
2. what types of workouts do you do?
3. What do your meals on the days you workout and don't workout look like? (and total amount of carbs)
4. what's your total daily Basal Rate and Bolus rate?
and any motivational tips you may have would be greatly appreciated!!!

thanks :)

1) 1 to 2 hours a day, 3 or 4 times a week.
2) Jogging (8 minute mile pace, 3 to 5 miles), weights (medium weight, medium reps), Brazilin Jiujitsu.
3) I eat between 70 and 90 grams of carbs per meal. Usually on the low side for breakfast and on the high side for dinner. My meals do not change much unless I start missing multiple workouts over a couple of weeks or so, then, I'll cut back on the carbs.
4) TDD varies between 22 and 28 units/day, depending upon how active I am and how much I eat. My basal doesn't vary much, pretty much pegged at 10.5 units/day. The balance is bolus and varies a lot.

Good luck!!

Thank you! This will be helpful in setting my goals.

Just wrote about this on my blog, actually :)
1. I prefer swimming as my main exercise, which I try to do for 1-1.5 hours at least three times a week. I did it for many years as a kid and just picked it up again a few months ago. I'll also try to take an hour long walk once or twice a week on days that I don't swim. So that's about 1 hour a day for 5/7 days...about five hours total a week.
2. I get workout plans from some swimming blogs online, as well as the instructor of the swimming group that I joined. For my walks, I got a Fitbit as a gift that is helpful for tracking my distance and calories burned.
3. My meal routine is pretty boring for the week...but I allow myself to have a little more freedom on the weekends to avoid going crazy. I am NOT on a low carb diet. I feel awful when I don't eat enough carbs. I use to track what I eat sometimes...usually on a workout day it'll be about 140-160 g carb for the whole day. It would take awhile to list everything I eat, but I will say I am trying out a plant-based, whole foods diet with very little meat and dairy. So far, so good!
4. I don't need basal yet (honeymooning still, apparently). My bolus rate is about 1 unit to 15 g carb in the morning and 1 to 18 g in the afternoon/evening.

Tip: If you're having trouble finding time, it might be good to find a group to work out with...I find that's helped me be more motivated to stick to a schedule. And, of course, it's just more enjoyable! I hope that's helpful.