Getting Back on track

I have to say it has been two yrs of being off this site and for no other good reason than I was struggling in the Diabetes department and while I am all for sharing my triumph's, I am not so good at sharing my failures. You see I moved away to a new school and was thrilled to be there diabetes and all, but that changed rather quickly. I found I was the only T1 diabetic on campus and the lack of support and fighting to get what I needed was tiresome and I just started letting it all slide. Almost a "well why worry or fight when it isn't going to help" kind of thinking. I sure as heck had plenty of other things to keep my mind off of it, like classes, soccer team, honors program and much more so diabetes dropped to the bottom of my list. This is not to say I went crazy with not doing basic care because I did change pump site and test, but no longer took an active role of choosing smart foods and adjusting doses. Instead I just let a 200 mg/dl ride without getting to the bottom of it or not really question a low be cause hey it is diabetes, not really a surprise. Today I am still in the same school and still lack the support of other diabetics, but instead of letting diabetes get the best of me and just going on auto pilot I am am going to become active again and really start taking care of it all. I do have amazing friends at school who at a moments notice will help me if I need it and for that I am very thankful, but man it would be nice just to have people here who "get it." So yes I am back and getting back on track for me.

That sounds like a good plan! A lot of people find a lot of connections and support online. I was totally amazed when I stumbled on the DOC (another site actually, long story...) and discovered how many of us there are who have it and "get it" as you put it, after having met maybe 1/2 dozen people in 25 years of it.

Congrats on making the decision to get back on track. You can't undo what's happened in the past but you can change things going forward. One of the most powerful habits that has helped me is simply observing my personal diabetes data. Most BG meters have the ability to download their data into a personal computer using their analysis software.

When I look at BG numbers, my personal curiosity takes over and I start to ask myself questions. Why is that number high or low? What did I do that could explain it? Is this part of a trend or is this just a one-time event?

For me, once observation occurs a motivation to change the status quo naturally follows. People basically like to take care of what they pay attention to.

I know you have many demands on your time and could very well just do without this added task. But you are young and have a future stretched out before you. Your future you needs you to take care of business today. You are worth it!

I think it's pretty normal to go through an Oh Well phase. That's not to say that pushing past it isn't important but I think what's necessary is forgiving yourself for a lapse.

On to the next triumph, eh? Happy Friday. :-)

I totally understand the feeling of wanting to be around others who understand, so we're glad you're here! But real life understanding is even better. If you live reasonably near a large city you might check out the local chapter of JDRF to see if they have any activities for Type 1 adults. Or even a local hospital, though those are sometimes more geared to Type 2's.

You have absolutely, positively come to the right place. I say this so often that people get tired of hearing it, but this site provides two things that are just HUGE. The first is an enormously deep well of shared experience to draw upon, and the second is just what you said: a place to converse with people who GET IT. I don't think it's possible to overstate the importance of that. Mental outlook is everything when it comes to achieving control -- everything.

Welcome aboard!

Thanks you's guys! I am really glad I decided to get back on track. I realize when I don't do all I can to keep myself well and don't fight for the basics I need, I am only hurting myself. Don't get me wrong my parents and friends are hurt when I struggle but ultimately I was setting myself up for a world of complications if I con. to just "get by." I am glad I came back because I just know this will keep me on track. You guys are all the best.