Getting home from work is a killer!

You know what's weird? I know EXACTLY when my downfall time of the day is.

I left for home last night at 4:45 with the full intention of picking up Harper, going home, and taking a walk with her. But somewhere between that time and getting home at 6:30 (yes, its a long commute when I have to go through a traffic heavy part of town to pick her up) my mind shuts off and my stomach takes over.

I got home and was starving, as always. I always make sure I save a snack for like 4:30 to eat before I get in the car because if I don't I get that 'I'm so hungry I feel like I'm going to throw up' feeling or really bad heartburn. But even with that I'm still starved by the time I get home! I don't know why I don't ever PLAN for that. I know it happens every night and I end up scrounging through every nook and cranny for anything I can make fast. I let myself get SO hungry that even if I do pick something good and eat it the overwhelming hungry feeling makes me keep eating and eating and eating for like a half an hour! It's like a crazy binge. Last night I got home maybe 40 min before Terry and I managed to eat two servings of salad with too much dressing and a cheese quesedilla. Now that's not too bad as far as quality goes - but I admit that if there would have been chocolate cake and ice cream in my fridge that would have been a lot more likely to go in my mouth. ;) I just picked that stuff because it was the first thing I saw when I opened the fridge door.

There is one snack that if I make it I can only eat that and have to stop after. It's microwave popcorn. It's warm (for some reason I always want something that feels 'made' most of the time), its crunchy, salty, fake-buttery, and actually on the good end of snack foods! I like popcorn! But I think that I don't get it out half the time because I am in such a stomach-in-control-of-mind coma I don't get as far as the cupboard that it's in and never make it past whatever is in the fridge. I guess I need to like actually put the bag on the counter so it's the first thing that I see when I come in the door! :)

Terry and I watched the Biggest Loser last night too - that got us reved up to lose again and I made some charts for us to track our progress and a mini competion. (I love making charts and graphs - it's the Virgo in me - haha). The prize is whoever loses the largest percentage of weight each week gets a 10 min back rub from the other person. It's actually a pretty good incentive - the next time you give someone a rub time it. I would put money down that you only go like 5 min tops - 10 mins a wonderfully long home massage and just enough time to let the rubber regret that candy bar they ate last tuesday. :)

Did you see that old guy kick everyones butt!? He was 62, won the first challenge by a mile, and lost 31 POUNDS IN A WEEK!!!!! Holy moley! I want him to win already! Go Grandpa guy!


Start : 245

Today: 242

Down: -3

Ahhhh that is soooo me, until I changed my basal rate at my commute home, but you can’t do that. :frowning:

You made good food choices though.

Congrats on the weight loss, and your baby is soooo cute.