Getting LADA diagnosed beforehand

My brother was diagnosed with LADA 3 years ago, at the age of 33. I am 31 yo male, curious to know if there is a possibility of knowing if I will get LADA in the future. Is there any test that would give me a conclusive result if I will get it later in life?

I am worried because I can feel the symptoms like frequent thirst and toilet trips. I got myself tested for Hba1c which came out to be normal at 5.1. But every little symptoms makes me worried.

I suppose you could pay for some autoantibody testing since the LADA onset is slow and the underlying attack occurs well in advance of the manifestation of symptoms. But be aware that if there are no antibodies found, it does not mean that you won’t get LADA. However, if positive, then there is a certainty that some kind of autoimmune event is in your future.

You may be eligible for free screening through TrialNet since LADA is technically Type 1 diabetes. Worth checking out.

Thanks for the link. It is very helpful, however, as I am in Australia and this trial is only for people residing in UK, I would have to search for something similar in my own country.
Nevertheless, I can certainly use the information.

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There are many things besides diabetes that can cause these symptoms, so should check with doctor if this is occurring.

A1C relates to average BG, so won’t change much in early phases, particularly slow onset LADA.

You could do BG meter and urine keytones tests when you have symptoms to detect higher than normal levels. Fasting BG test and 1 HR after meal may be helpful to track periodically if you are concerned.