Getting mixed messages on soy and thyroid problems

I have been looking online and there is alot of data out there that says if we have thyroid issues we shouldn’t eat soy products. I have looked at the research and lots of it has been refuted or the research methods were poor so we have to take the findings with a grain of salt. To add to this, both my endo and my rheumatologist have told me not to worry about my soy intake, the research is flawed. I don’t eat a ton of soy but I eat enough that I am worried now. I don’t eat anymore vegetarian stuff like Boca anymore but I do eat a breakfast bar everyday that is soy based and I recently found a chocolate soy milk that I actually like that is low carb.

I trust my docs but no one is perfect and correct all the time so what has been your experience with this?

i’d like to know as well i stopped drinking soy milk, but i love soy milk more then milk! I was scared that it would mess up my thyroid to.

I’m hoping we will get some feedback from the group soon!