Getting my Omnipod Soon

Hey Everyone:
In just a week or so I should be receiving my Omni-pod and am super excited about it! :slight_smile: No more injections, c’mon now whoever doesn’t have it should get up on it. Does anyone have any advice on the “do’s and don’ts” of the Omni-pod? I’m a fresh consumer of it and am a little worried about how the cathider is inserted in your body. I understand that it automatically inserts once you program the Omni-pod, however, what does it feel like? Ugh! I’m a little hesitant as to how it will feel while it’s in there for the majority of the day. I’m sure I’ll be fine, I’m a big girl-I can handle it.

Please, if anyone has it and would like to share their experiences with me - I’m all ears! :slight_smile: Hope to hear from you soon. - Tiffany

There is an OmniPod group they have a lot of tips!

I have had the omnipod for about 3 months, and love it! The insertion of the cannula doesn’t hurt…it’s like a quick prick and then it’s done. When the pod is on and everything you barely even remember that its there! it’s awesome. and it helped alot with my a1c. i agree with the comment above. i’m in the omnipod group, and it has helped alot! good luck with everything!

Hoorah! That’s excited. Here is a link to the OmniPod group. You should join!

I’m on my second pod now…the first insertion, barely felt it and the second one stung a little but not like a bad finger stick.