Getting Punchy

This picture shows the last of my fresh fruit until I get out to the store later today. I have been home for a week in CT with snow coming every other day. From all the shoveling I seem to have upper body strength like the Incredible Hulk after our unusually snowy January. Yesterday I was shoving our daughter’s Honda Civic around the ice to get it back into the driveway before the plows came through.

I find that the physical activity I am getting in by shoveling out from under the snow increases my appetite consideraby. Last night I had a slight indescretion with a container of almonds. I just didn’t want to stop myself from having a second hit. That unfortunate decision I made at 9 p.m. sabotaged the day’s hard work. I won’t let it deter me - this morning is a new day.

Blue, our 11 1/2 year old Blue Merle Collie is punchy too. She was interrupting my work on the keyboard by putting her snout under my wrists and shoving them off the keyboard. I was tired of her little game so I cranked up the radio and played hide and seek with her to the tune of “She’s A Brick House” and several other good old tunes. She sleeps peacefully now and I got in 15 extra minutes of physical activity - I even broke a sweat.

My breakfast consisted of a small clementine, 1/2 cup of berries with a 1/2 cup serving of 1% low-fat cottage cheese. I will add a 1/2 cup of high fiber cereal to this combo on occasion too but my morning bg was 129 and I like to keep things lower than that if I can. I am searching for breakfast and lunch ideas that can be prepared ahead of time so that when it is meal time, I just grab, toss in measuring cup and plate up. Any suggestions?

Your fruit salad looks yummy !!!