Getting Ready For Football Camp

Summer camp is not something my family grew up participating in. For one, it was impossible financially. Secondly, we looked forward to time at home as a family. But, my own children have been given the opportunity to go on trips and now it's Jacob's turn to go away.

He should have gone to Diabetes Camp. I know. But wow do they make it nearly impossible for a family like mine to go. So, I work on finding what Jacob likes to do and get him involved in it. He loves football and this year, as many of you already know, he’s enjoying this learning experience out in the field with his new friends.

Part of football is Football Camp. Jacob’s bags are almost ready. He will be packing a lot different than his team mates as he is the only player that has Type 1 Diabetes on his team. He will have all the medical supplies and medications that he will need to provide for his medical needs while away from home.

It has been a lot of work getting him ready. My greatest concern has been, “Lord, get him mentally ready. You know I will not be there.” Although his older brother Aaron will be going, he will not be able to bunk with him. There are rules that need to be followed and I have to understand that we cannot be there 24/7. So, I am obligated to put my faith into action, real action, not just the talking kind but the “I have no one else but You, Lord” action.

As parents we all worry and stress about the small stuff sometimes. Yes, I say the small stuff because I’ve learned in these past few days that when it comes to my children, to me, they were always the big stuff. God has shown me that He takes care of them if I will only seek Him and trust in His provision and care. If I can truly see the Lord as the Powerful God that the Bible declares Him to be, then my children’s needs are small worries because I just need to surrender them into the One that carefully and wonderfully created them in my womb.

Jacob’s first scrimmage was lots of fun! He fearlessly did his part and defended the line. I was not prepared for the confidence I saw him displayed. Did I do that, Lord, with my talks on being fearless? Did the Coaches get him that way with their drills and encouragement? Yes and No. We all played a part in building Jacob’s fire up to do his best and play amazingly. Our words were seeds planted into his heart, mind and spirit. But, I believe mostly it has been praying for my son and placing his every move into God’s hands. I believe it has been allowing God to work in Jacob through his ups and downs.

Teaching Jacob who he is when his life is in God’s hands, in my heart, has been the real reason he is succeeding the way he is.

Our job as parents is to prepare them, to train them, to be examples not only of walking in faith, but to be examples of responsibility, endurance, character and consistency.

Diabetes is not anyone’s friend. It is never the same every day. Diabetes has a way of being invisible for a few moments and then, “Poof! I’m here!” God never changes. He is the same always and although I don’t understand why my son is sick, I choose to believe that God has something great for my son in the midst of all the circumstances. Football Camp is almost here! It is going to be an awesome experience for my son. He will have to activate and bring to memory lessons taught on how to care for himself while he’s on his own. My secret? I know God can help him recall to memory the things that really matter. I know my son will not be alone.

For today, I’m still doing laundry. Sleeping bags are ready. Clothes are ironed and put away. Four more days. The stress is too afraid to show up because this mom is ready and trusting in the Lord.

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