Getting Started

So, I’ve spent the better part of the last year waffling back and forth on getting a pump…shoud I or shouldn’t I? It’s weird wearing a device…you know I’m sure. Well, I finally decided to go with the pod. I love it except for this week I have gone through almost two vials of humalog. I’m in panic mode. Friday-got the pump. My educator helped me put it on my lower back, right side. Sunday-occlusion=burst my bubble competely and I replaced the pod. Monday-appt with educator. She said the way it was looking I may have issues with it coming off. That night it came off. The replacement came off about thirty minutes after I put it on. So the next replacement actually lasted three days. Thursday night rolls around and I put on a new pod. Adhesive got folded under and a day later it was off my skin. It’s like good grief. Can I get this right or not. Friday I had to put on a NEW pod…AGAIN. On my left arm this time. I knocked it off. Sobbing, I replaced the pod. Put one on my right arm with the intention of being very careful. Knocked that one off too and decided after replacing it that I would just go to bed and hope that today was a better day. So far so good. It’s on my abdomen this time. Has anyone else had this type of mess happen? I feel like I’m so scared I’ll mess it up that I mess it up anyway. Advice. Should I meditate first or something?

You are in the experimental phase. You will figure out where it wears best. For me, I primarily use my arms. Once in awhile I knock it off because I forget it is where it is. But you will get used to it. I used my abs for the first year, then found out my upper arms worked better. If you put it on the extreme outside of your arms, you risk knocking it off. It always feel bad to lose a pod prematurely but in time, you will be consistently getting your 3 days worth.

Ok. Thank you for that.

If pods are falling off, I suggest skin Tac on the skin before sticking the pod on. The other thing we use is a Tegaderm patch on the skin before sticking the pod on.

Lastly, we just purchased some sleeves for my son that you can slide over the pod when it is on your arm. He is using it for swimming, but you can use it any time and that may help until you build more awareness of the pod on your arm.

Good luck.


I have been on the Omnipod for more than 3 years. When I put them on my upper arm, I try to get them a little around to the back so they’re not sticking out so far. I do like to use my arms best. In the summer when wearing shorts, I’ll put them on my upper thigh too but I don’t like that area in the colder weather when I wear long pants. It does get easier. I am very happy with them. Good luck.


I know what the “experts” say about not re-using insulin in pods that occlude, fall off or get knocked off, but if I haven’t had my pod on for very long (less than 12 hours, or even 24), I don’t have any problems drawing the unused insulin out of the pod and using it for the next one.

I found that I have knocked fewer pods off my arm after the first couple of times of wearing them there - I had never noticed how close I walk to door frames!

Hang in there…it does get easier.

Well, I was just told that there was no way to retrieve the insulin and that is my biggest panic issue. I managed to take a pod apart but wasn’t sure about getting the isulin out. What do the experts say?? It doesn’t seem like an issue if you’re taking the insulin from a vial to the pod and then back out if it’s done in a sanitary manner.

The same needle and hole you use to inject, you use to extract. Works like a charm.

Yep…that’s what I do.

Well, I spoke with my educator today and she asked someone else in the office and they said it was OK to extract the insulin as long as it wasn’t more than 24 hours old. I believe I’ll be doing that.

Keep trying…there is a learning curve to the pod. We love it, but there was a time when I was ready to throw in out the window in the first month. Hopefully your trainer is replacing your occluded pods - ask her to do this if she hasn’t already.

We have occasionally had problems with arm pods getting knocked off. A lot of people put a sports wrap over it to prevent that. We are using lower back now instead.

As far as adhesion goes, are you using alcohol wipes before placing the pod? That really gets off the oils from your skin and helps it stick more. We also use a skin prep wipe after the alcohol.

Is the pod staying on it’s adhesive patch or tearing away from it? This can cause occlusions. A little double faced tape before you apply the pod does wonders for this problem.

Good luck and stick with it!

I am still wearing the demo pod. I am getting ready to order the Omnipod system. I was on the Deltec Cosmo pump previously for 3 years until March 2010. I have been injecting Humalog and Lantus with pens, but am getting tired of injecting so many times a day. I did have problems with failures (I guess everyone is calling them occlusions) with the infusion sites. I was only using my stomach because I could not reach my arms or back without help. I was wearing the demo pod on the back of my upper arm and I managed to hit it a number of times on doorways, etc, but it did not become dislodged for 5 days. I left it on to experiment with whether I would have a reaction to the adhesive and all seemed good. My local sales rep sent me an extra demo pod so I am trying it on my upper front thigh. So far I like that best, but we will see.The only drawback I see with Omnipod is it only holds 200 u and I used about 75 u per day with my previous pump. I think my insurance will cover me to change every two days, but my Dr will have to write the Rx for that.

So, I think I have gotten through the most difficult part of this thing. I hope anyway. I’m on a third consecutive pod with no issues. Yay! Wish I would have gotten a pump a long tme ago.