Getting to know my way around the site

Thank you all for the warm welcome. Once I get to know my way a little bit better around the site I will be able be able to use it more to my advantage.

U do that! I hope we will be of help to u!

Welcome again AZKG30. Enjoy browsing the site, there's a LOT of info here. Please feel free to post. Look forward to hearing from you again!


AZKG30, glad you are enjoying just looking around the site. A lot of great stuff here along with some outstanding people. We are so glad you are here.

That's great!!! So happy to hear that you're making yourself at home...if you need any help, you know that you just need to ask :)

Thanks linda. I was looking at your page earlier its really cool you will have to tell me how I can personalize my page more.

Oh...that's easy! (lotsofshots does hers differently every second week or so lol) Click on "Customize" right under your profile pic on your page...your page will drop...and all the info needed is right there...the format is such that choices you make/boxes you click onto will immediately be seen on your pages as the changes are being made, so that there's no guess work! Have fun!!!