Getting used to pump

I am starting my training on my pump on monday, a little later than I was supposed to, and I am nervous about how long it will take to get used to wearing it, sleeping, etc, any input would be appreciated

I got used to my pump very quickly. It was strange at first. My biggest “fear” about getting a pump was being attached to something, but I soon learned that during the day it was easy to clip it onto my belt or pants or to just stick it into my pocket or bra. At night I either clip it to my undies or use a velcro belt that Minimed sells. Changing the sites is easy. It will not take long to get used to that.

Good luck!

It depends on you. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true. I got used to mine pretty quickly, but to this day (have been pumping for 8 years) I still have things about the pump that bug me. Unlike Lynn, I never felt comfortable with it clipped onto my bra. If you have larger breasts this might be an option, if not, it tends to look like a great big lump between your breasts. If you have children, which by your picture it looks like you do, you will have to be more careful in the way you carry them and play with them and such. My little ones have ripped my sight out several times. Not really a big deal, but it is a pain to have to change it when it isn’t time. When I had the MM, I stuck it under my pillow at night to sleep. Now I have the Omnipod and have eliminated a lot of the problems I had with “being attached” to something. I love the tubelessness of the Omnipod. You don’t have to worry with where you can clip it or stick it. It is in the same place for 3 days or until you change your sight. There is no clipping it anywhere. Mostly, just know that you will get used to it. It takes some longer than others. Once you do get used to it, it is like it belongs and if you don’t have it on you wonder what’s missing. I have reached for my MM several times to take it off since I have had my Omnipod. Then I love the fact that it isn’t there and I don’t have to take it off. I hope you love pumping. I do. Good luck!!!

I wear the Deltec Cozmo. I started using it 2 yrs. ago. It has a little carrying case that you can clip to your pants. I also use the Cleo 90 infusion sets. I have used the 6mm. and the 9 mm. I prefer the 9 mm. because the tubing is longer so if it does unclip from my pants or come out of my pocket, the site does not come out. When I sleep, I just hook it to my pajama bottoms. I know that you can order straps to place it around your thigh in really formal wear, but I have not done that. I remember being nervous to get it too, but now I would be lost without it. Good luck to you.

I just started on the pump on the 16th and had no problems getting used to it. Actually, the first day on it, with just saline I dropped it as soon as I got home and pulled it out… But after that it was all good. I just set it next to me when I sleep and that’s that, no problems. I sometimes forget to pick it up when I get out of bed, but that’s about it. I wear jeans and shorts most of the time and carry it in my pocket. I have a large enough chest that I have no problem clipping it to my bra when I wear a dress or similar. I know they make leg straps if that’s not an option. When I’m wearing pj’s or whatever, I use the clip it came with to hook it to the waistband.
I haven’t had it get in the way of anything yet at all. Biggest issue is I have to clip it to the back of my waistband when I play Guitar Hero or it hits the guitar, lol. I’ve been out and ridden my horses, worked out, gone to a theme park and ridden all the rides, gone out dancing, etc. and haven’t had to worry about it at all. The freedom you get with it is totally worth any hassle. The first time I decided I wanted desert after dinner and realized I didn’t have to give myself a second shot to do so, it was an awesome feeling. I had the biggest smile on my face. I hope it works out as well for you as it has for me. It’s really just great.