Give a coke and a Smile?

What does a Coke really do to the human body

Give a Coke and a Smile

Almost as good as heroin.

Whoa! Glad I never liked sodas. When I was a kid, my mother gave us syrup of cola to settle upset stomachs so Coke always reminds me of being carsick.

Coke isn’t the only villian ! All soft drink should be removed from our diets including diet ones.

I also remember the coke syrup too! Mom always kept it on hand for upset stomaches.

Joe, good to know someone’s mom else had this stuff. People look at me like I’m nuts when I talk about gagging down a teaspoon of cola syrup. We never had soda growing up. My mother knew it was junk. Coke started out as a health tonic. Funny to think of it this way now.