Give something up for World Diabetes Day

Oh yes World Diabetes Day is here!!! November 14th to be exact. It’s not really a holiday I celebrate in with cake and candles. Nor do I celebrate it with my family, over a nice Italian dinner, or with conversation and opening gifts. Too bad, I would really like that.

But I did do something different last year and I thought I would stick to it each year on World Diabetes Day. I am going to give up something for myself… some would say Dietetically Benefit Me!

Last year I gave up Bagels. Yup… I did! That’s right. And not just you’re ordinary Bagels, but them all. I felt the 120 crabs of exploding glucose rushing into my fragile insulin producing body was a good thing to limit. It was. Not to mention how to Bolus correctly for Bagels, they all are so different and hard to carb count correctly.
It was hard to do and I slipped up a few times this year, but nothing close to my weekly or biweekly habit. And I am honestly proud of it. I am not a bagel eater anymore.

So THIS year… a true challenge… I am going to give up eating FRENCH FRIES!!! Ahhh!!!
They are my next on my list! And I don’t know how I feel about it. I bet it was just like how I felt about giving up Bagels last year. I think I can do this. I know I will slip up and eat some yummy Fries… heck… I am probably going to eat fries tonight as fond farewell, I think I will.

Fries are not something I eat everyday but I do eat French Fries… gosh just writing about French Fries makes me want some, lol… So tonight, I will start my decline of the fry bandwagon so at this time next year I can honestly say…. I’m not a ______ ______ eater anymore.  I’ll fill in the blanks when it’s true.

Bill from

Would any of you like to start too? What will you give up?

Bacon, egg and cheese omelets.

What a great idea Bill! Congrats on your bagel conquest! I know you can do the fry thing also. Fries are everywhere, but I know you will find good alternatives. After seeing what french fries do to Caleb’s blood sugar, they lost most of their appeal to me. I rarely eat them if ever and they used to be one of my favorites. Oh and PS: we make our own baked steak fries (well Dave does) and they are yummy and my body doesn’t moan about all the salt and grease a couple hours later :). Good luck sir and thanks for the idea!!

I was gonna give up my morals, but then someone pointed out it was supposed to be something difficult to give up…

I am totally bagel-free here, and I’m married to a Yankee who loves bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon. I love the salmon, and I make little “rolls” out of it - I put a little dab of cream cheese on one end, press a few capers in, maybe some finely minced red onion, and roll it up into one bite-sized bit.

I am almost off the FFs - if you don’t eat out as much, it’s easier. I often remind myself that many restaurants don’t make the fries very well anyway - they’re not hot enough, or too greasy.

This is such a good idea! I think I’ll be starting up a tradition like that this WDD :slight_smile:

Last night I had my last “Fries” the fond farewell I talked about… and, like I said before it wasn’t worth it. Had some BG spikes afterwords. So they aren’t worth it for me and I know. I don’t eat these bad boys all the time but I do eat them. But I am on my why to not eating them at all anymore. :slight_smile:

-------> DO “YOU” WANT FRIES WITH THAT? <----------------- Not me… he he

Well this is probably going to be my biggest challenge ever and why do you say, Well I’m half Irish so I have spuds in my blood, I grow my own potatoes as a hobby, I live a very fast paced life that is always on the go at a moments notice and I can be whisked away to a far land in a split of a second. I have bolus for a meal then never got the chance to eat because of a life and death situation grrrr hate when that happens in the beginning of a meal. Anyways I am going to give up Potatoes all together anything that has spuds in them are know history in my diet that is baring any unforeseen incidents not under my control. I will post here if I fail my challenge TY…