Give up dreams?No way!


Yesterday i came back from the doctor and she told me that i never could get pregnant and i even got better news , she wants to stop with looking for a cause of my bad sugar. Everyone's angry and i really don't know anymore how to react.I don't wanna stop living and give up my dreams!! I wanna live and enjoy my life! I really want them to improve my sugar. I have diabetes since i was 3,5 years old and okay it isn't getting easier but is that a reason to give up everything??

Sorry guys i just had to write it down.

Enjoy your holiday!!


I’m very sorry for the bad news. Definitely don’t give up the dream. Did the doctor say why you shouldn’t be pregnant? she doesn’t want to know the cause of your ‘bad’ sugar?!?!? how bad is your ‘bad’? and why wouldn’t you both want to know what’s causing it? Have you thought about another doctor?

thnx for the comments & the support!!Well my A1c is 8.0 for almost 2 years now but always high-low…
And i tried medication for types 2 to improve the reaction of my body on insulin.
And yes i thought already about another doctor;-)

Don’t give up that dream of childern. I was told years ago I couldn’t have childern b/c of Diabetes now I have those 2 and my Type 1 daughter has 3 of her own. I took Type 1 at 10 and she my daughter took Type 1 at 11 taking Type 1 always ment we were insulin dependent. She now has my 3 grandchildern!

Your page shows a young lady who is just way to positive and outgoing to accept yesterday’s news from the doctor. Time to figure out what you need to change to get that A1c down.


Okay…You need to seriously evaluate your eating drinking sleeping and EXCERCISING habits. Since you’ve had diabetes this long by now you should know what excess insulin does to the body. Not to mention other factors like weight and excercise.

I would recommend writing down EVERYTHING you eat and when, and test your sugars at LEAST 10 times a day for 2 weeks. You can’t blame your bad sugars on external factors. You need to take a look at yourself and your habits.

Diabetes is no joke - I’m sure you know this. High blood sugars ruin the eyes, nerves, can cause serious heart problems and amputations.

Change yourself and you can have your dreams…


Sweetheart, I am facing the same reality of not being able to produce a child with this body that has declared mutiny on me.

I would first tell you to see a infertility specialist that has worked with diabetes. Do this before listening to a regular OB/GYN. My specialist gave me hope and probability where my OB/GYN did not. it is a cruel joke and a bitter pill to swallow being told you can’t have children especially as women it is pressed on us all the time. the public unknowing makes us feel as if we are not valuable because we have not made a child. But we are valuable. Don’t you forget this… a child doesn’t make you a woman or a mother. It is your thoughts, your actions, and how you love that makes you a woman, a lady, mother and a caregiver. I understand the pain that comes from this.

There is nothing wrong with writing how you are feeling especially if it is depressing. It is helpful to hear encouraging thoughts from other people. Have you created your own personal support system? Please find people in your own area that can support you when you are feeling down and that can help you with your diabetes. This is very important. Even the most positive and upbeat person can be in the dumps. I sure was about a 2 months ago.

The of cause of “bad sugar” can be plenty of things. It can be the stress on your job, it can be your food, it can be the infertililty news, it can be the exercise etc…

Let focus on you!!! Are you taking your meds properly. Do they need to be tweeked. Are you watching your food intake? Are you exercising? Put it this way…Lets try to make your body as health as it can be so you can prepare to have children… BS maintainence varies for the individual and is not a perfect science. You still lead a very fruitful and joyous life no matter what it brings. There is a website called Goto it and find a hobby and meet other people in your area with that same hobby. If you care to talk let me know I will be happy to call you and we can share some experiences!

Miss Positive, don’t be too hard on yourself for the hba1c number of 8…when I volunteered for Diabetes research in Boston, an endro at brigham and Women’s told me my 7.7 was a terrrific number as they rarely see anyone lower than 10. I think maybe rather than being worried about the 3 month average you might work on reducing the high/low spikes first as I’m sure they affect your hormonal cycles. The advice by Chrystalyn to find an OB/GYN who specializes in diabetes is spot on. I feel your frustration. And I’m wondering about a doctor who wants to stop looking for a cause of your BG levels. Sounds as though it might be time to work with another doctor, perhaps your doc. is too involved with some other aspect of your treatment as that’s a weird statement from a caregiver of a diabetic. A seventy year old woman gave birth this year due to scientific support. I find it hard to believe you will never be able to be pregnant!

I’m sorry you felt so horrible. I am going thru a same situation for other reasons than my diabetes. If this is something you really want you have to continue to educate yourself, go see a Diabetic Educator and find out all your options and what works for you. When you become pregnant you will have to be very diligent and strict with yourself so you might as well start now.

You will get there, just don’t let your poor excuse for a doctor get you down. Work on what works for your BG and then work on getting pregnant. Don’t give up on yourself.

Baby girl, don’t give up! Review everything that is in front of you and analyze it to the fullest. Find that doctor, and show him or her how serious you are. I hope only the best for you, love patti

New Doctor!! Neeeeeew Doctor pleeeease don’t waste anymore time with this useless Dr.
I spent years with a really cr@ppy Dr, and made the move about 3 years ago, Jeees i wish I had done it sooner.

The new guy’s outlook has been great. He got me on a pump (just over a year ago) which has drastically improved my sugars (you got to put some work in but it’s worth it) My A1c is down to 7.8 at last check and I am still improving.
He referred me to a fertility clinic as he almost instantly recognised I had other problems and now I’m on the road
Please keep being positive, drop me a message if you want to chat

Miss +, pleeeeeeze find a new doc. I have many friends who are diabetics and have beautiful children, some expecting their first one in just weeks. Being diabetic alone isn’t reason enough to not be able to get pregnant. If there are other circumstances, then still a new more positive , forward thinking doc might be a great idea. I don’t believe you have to give up your dreams, your desires, any of it, if you find the right team to work with. Please don’t throw that hope and dream out the window. AND if it does turn out that you can’t have your own children, please remember all the kids out there who want a mom and dad and house and home and to be loved and to give love. There are many ways to get a baby, and they all don’t have to come from within our bellies.

I’ll be thinking of you, and praying for a better doc that this one.

new doctor, and report her

I AGREE WITH ALL COMMENTS BELOW!!! NEW DR!! if you can even call her that!?!?!?!

Hi! I agree with everyone else here…find a new doctor! And if she was telling you not to get pregnant because of the diabetes, don’t listen to her. I’ve had type 1 since I was 3 (I just turned 33). In the last 2 years, I’ve brought a beautiful daughter AND healthy identical twin sons into this world!! :slight_smile: It CAN be done! :slight_smile:

OMG awesome for you!!!hope i can tell you the same about 16 years;-)

Don’t let a bad doctor keep a good woman down! Never say never & hold tight to your dreams.

Many people have had success controlling high blood glucose by cutting carbs. Have you tried this? It’s the best way I know, along with exercise. Lower carb makes insulin dosing easier & more efficient, too. Larger insulin doses aren’t absorbed as well as smaller doses. Of course, you need to get BG down to have a healthy pregnancy.

Agree with everyone about finding a new doctor who can guide you to lower BG & to having a baby.

Miss positive,
Don’t give up hope. I knew someone who was told that they would never have a baby, she had a boy and was told it would never happen again. She adopted a beautiful baby girl, fainted one day at work for unknown reasons only to discover she was pregnant! Keep praying, there are more ways to have a baby-try adoption. You need a new new endocrinologist or a doctor and dietitian that will work getting you under control. My daughter (type 1) had HbA1c’s that were 11 and 12, she had a doctor from hell, found a new doctor that worked with her until she got them under control, she is now on the pump, and my granddaughter is now 1. It can work…you need a new doctor!!!
Hope this helps you feel just a little better. Chin up!

I have bad kidneys ( not D related) and was told I coud never have children… I had two beautiful children…both now married and I am a grammy too!

My mother-in-law has one kidney. One was removed almost 60 years ago. She was also told she couldn’t have children. She had three children!