Giving Props to Dexcom

My sensor was winking out a lot; that is, it was not sending a signal. There were many blank readings and when the “Y” showed in my status box for three hours, even after two restarts, I called Dexcom.

The tech asked me to send a copy of my data, which I did directly through the software, and concluded that I had a bad transmitter. She said she’d send me a new one that day.

This was very cool, but then I started thinking “What about the sensor? I just wasted a sensor.”

Well, the package with the new transmitter arrived the very next day and it also included a new sensor. Hallelujah!

So, props to Dexcom for recognizing and fixing a problem AND for having the sense and sensitivity to send a new sensor!


Long story, but my 4 yr. old daughter tossed out my transmitter. When I called Dexcom, they sent me a new one at no charge! I was quite impressed.