Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

I looked back on last year and tried to see if I wrote a Thanksgiving blog. I could not find one and maybe for a good reason? My father passed in 2012 in early December and I was feeling low in 2013. Maybe I did not feel like giving Thanks?

Well this year is this year and yes I miss dad terribly, but it gives me some perspective and the ability to say thanks for a number of things. Here is my list this year.

I give thanks for:

Sheryl, my type 3. I had no idea I could find someone who would stick with me through all this junk. I am a very fortunate man.

My sons, I always wanted children and these two sons make me proud every single day.

My three grandchildren and their moms, someday when I depart there will be others in the family they can look too, to carry on. I feel very alone now that my dad has passed. I never wanted that for my sons, I am so thankful it will not be so.

Plastic syringes, I have seen how glass ones work, we are fortunate.

Glucose meters. They were dream when I was diagnosed and they have revolutionized our treatment I have found strength here and it has made me better

Insulin pumps. My mom was in an insulin pump study back in 1971 or 1972, the pumps were the size of carts. Today because she and thousands of others participated I wear one on my belt.

Modern biologic drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis I have no idea how I might have made it without the modern drug regiment.

Modern insulin, I used to use pork and beef insulin, yes there is a very big difference.

Blogging, it has given me purpose. I know the reader likely wants me to stop inflicting my blogs on them. I get that.

Mental health professionals, I was not crazy, I had a way out. I just needed a professional to help me find it.

That I celebrated 40 years as a diabetic this year. I never thought it possible. That celebration was more luck than skill.

My past work, I wish I could still be doing it. I need my mind engaged in order to be happy. Losing my work was the worst day of my life. Yes, walking out and knowing I would never go back was awful. I so wish I could still work. But as I sit here now 6 years later, I am thankful for what I did

Education, (my typing notwithstanding), education has been a center piece who I am and how I got here. It is remarkable to me that one generation ago my mom lived in public housing. Today I have a doctorate degree. I appreciate the money and people who worked to get me to this point.

I give thanks for my parents. They did more than give life they gave me a foundation that has proved resilient.

I especially give thanks for the last 25 years with my father. I was never close to my dad until my mom passed. She used to say to us that we needed to learn to talk to each other because someday it would just be us. She was so correct. Over those past 25+ years we learned to communicate and we got much closer. Since I am an only child I feel very alone these days. Now that Dad is gone I miss him terribly. Today I want to call him and talk about Thanksgiving. The call has to be in my mind. No matter how much Sheryl loves me or the years we are together no one else has my total shared history. Feeling alone is tough this time of year. But I give thanks for the years when we got closer, thank you Dad.



Lovely blog. I lost my dad and husband about three years ago (six months apart). I miss them terribly, but I am so grateful for the time I had with them.

Happy Thanksgiving, Rick.


More than lovely

I join you in feeling the same way

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

Nicely done. Thanks Rick.

Holidays are like this, aren't they? Happy and sad---Roots, Ritual and Renewal! All bright blessings, Friend Rick I'm thankful for you and all of TuD......

This blog made my heart swell up! Thank you, Rick.