Glad to be home

I’m glad to be home, but had a wonderful experience in China. It is such a blessing to bring smiles to the children’s faces. I’m happy to say my blood sugars were great, and I loved traveling with Louise (my Dexcom). This was my first big trip with her, and it was so nice to be able to check it frequently. I checked her when I was on top of the Great Wall, and after viewing the steep downward trend, I decided to eat a snack and turn off my basal (I had already put it down to 1/2). I should’ve kept it down overnight though, as I found myself at 46, but that was the only real low I had the whole time. The frio worked great at keeping the insulin cool too. It was so humid there that even when I didn’t have insulin in it, it never dried up.

While the trip was nice, it was so good to see my kids again. While leaving the orphanage, with tears running down all our faces, the nannies and some of the kids kept saying “see you next year (this was my second summer in a row there).” I cannot commit to that yet, but my heart will be there regardless.

so glad to have you home toni! and even gladder that the trip went so well!

Thanks Landileigh! Did you get the book I sent? Also, did you choose a pump yet? My warranty runs out next week, so I’m planning on upgrading to the Animas 2020.

I admire you and your heart for missions! My husband and I serve in music ministries, but I feel like I’m missing out by not going on a mission trip. hahah. But then I’m reminded that God gives each one of us different gifts. And I’m glad you’re able to share your adventures with us. I always wondered how living with diabetes would pan out over seas. Is it a lot more challenging? Are you a tight-controller? (I’m trying.)

I do have fairly good control, but like most everyone else, not as good as I would like it. I have never had any difficulties when traveling overseas, but I have to admit, I’m a bit hesitant when my hubby says he wants to live in China for a couple years. That would be a huge leap of faith for me. On this last trip I wore the Dex for the first time when traveling, and I loved it!

What church do you attend down there? I used to sing on the worship team of my old church, but we changed churches a few months ago, so for now, I’m just enjoying being in the crowd:) I wouldn’t say music is my gift, but it’s something that I get such joy and pleasure from, and really feel that is a major way how God speaks to me.

If you are serious about wanting to go on a trip, we’re probably taking a team again next summer…

Hi! I think it’s amazing, what you are doing. I’ve been too scared to go anywhere they don’t speak English or have a good healthcare system. I would love to do a missions trip though - especially working with children. Do you go with a team? Through what organization? Is it very expensive? Sorry for all the questions!
If you go again, I would love to go with you. Of course, I’d have to bring my husband along!! :stuck_out_tongue: