Global Heroes Marathon

Heard this advertised on the radio today, and wondered if anyone here was participating in the Medtronic Global Heroes Marathons. You can read more about it at

I was one of the athletes in the first year of this program, and it was a fantastic experience. Medtronic does a great job supporting this marathon, and they treat the selected Global heroes like royalty.

I submitted my application (for the 10 mile event) about a week ago, so we’ll see :). My running pedigree is not that impressive, I’m middle aged, and not exactly a speed queen. I’m doing my 2nd half marathon this Saturday, did my first triathlon last year, have done a couple of 10K’s, and lotsa 5K’s over about 5 years of running with my pump. But I have found that people tend to look at me and say “hey, if she can do that, so can I”. I like inspiring people that way, and it looks like it would be a wonderful experience.

Jerry, it looks like they removed the requirement to be under 40. Toni, are you going to apply?

Yes. I was very happy when they removed that requirement. I don’t know what they were thinking. But it’s all in the past now.

Be sure and keep us posted! No, I am not participating, just knew there were others that would, so thought I’d share. Glad to see they’re not excluding us over 40 people:)