Glucagon Administration

So I found the frustrating answer to Glucagon kits. Apparently the only person allowed to administer a Glucagon Kit is a Lisenced Nurse, unless you are a parent then you can do what you want.

The reasoning you ask? Well according to "they" a teacher or other staff memeber does not have the knowledge to know if the unconsious diabetic child on the floor is indeed unconsious due to a low blood sugar. WHAT!!!! The teacher does not know enough about diabetes to make the determination that the child should indeed be administered a glucagon kit. They don't know how to draw it up. (I taught her) They are to call 911 and wait for the EMT's to arrive. I am sorry, I want my child to receive there life saving kit ASAP. (My son is in a private school with no federal funding) I was told, that maybe I should consider putting my child in a public school or a school with federal funding so there would be a school nurse who could administer this kit.

I say I should be able to sign a waiver for this teacher that in the case this ever happened she is allowed by me to administer this kit. AGHHHHH. I am so annoyed I could scream. I am my childs advocate and if I say I feel comfortable with this person doing this that should be enough! I work in a hospital setting and I work with nurses daily who have never administered a glucagon kit and probably have less knowledge of diabetes than I do. If you are going to say they have to be licensed then they should also be specialized.