Glucogon Shot

I am interested to hear from anyone who has had after affects from having a glucogon shot to treat a severe hypo. I had a very bad hypo just before christmas, where i was given a glucogon shot (this was the first time i had ever had to have one). Now after three weeks since i had the shot, my blood sugar levels are finally getting back to normal, in the last few weeks they had been repeatedly high for no proper reason. The paramedics said to me that they didn’t like giving glucogon as it can make you feel really rough the next day or so (it did) and my mum said to wait 3 weeks after having it to see if things got back to normal.

So has anyone else experienced anything like this before?

I had it once and hated it lol but I dont remember any sort of affect.

I bought my first glucagon shot today, although I’m sure I must’ve been given some when I was younger.
Since I had a severe hypo a week ago (the paramedics didn’t give me glucagon) I am going to start having one in my handbag. I’m also struggling with higher bg’s but it’s probably a combination of a cold and being scared of another low though… I hope I won’t have to use it, and definetly hope that it doesn’t take weeks to recover (it took 2 days without it!),
Hope your bg’s will be back to normal soon =)

I just felt very worn out for 3 days. As far as I can remember I experienced no other effects. But of course I have choosen to play it safe and reduced my insulin for a while. So I think your current control can be affected by the fear of going low again. I mean you know all the ways to regain control but you will likely hesitate to apply them. The more courage and trust you have the more control you will enforce. This would be my explanation but maybe there are side effects of glucagon I am not aware of.

I always throw up about an hour after getting a glucagon shot and feel lousy for a few days. Otherwise I’m good.

Did you change your dosing at all? You may be subconsciously being less precise because of the fear of another low. I’ve done that many times after a bad low.

Hi Carrie!
If you are conscious enough to administer Glucagon to yourself then you really should be treating your hypo with another method. Glucagon acts on your liver to synthesize glucose(so to speak) - and depletes that reserve. Glucagon should only be used if you are unresponsive - and in that case someone else would be administering it.
The best way to get your numbers under control is to know what they are and treat in the most appropriate way (whether hypo or hyper). The CanAm glucose tabs work really well and you can titrate them to the dose you need. Glutose is very effective - a bit bitter and medicine like tasting - and it is 30G in one dose - so dose accordingly.
Hope you get your numbers back in check soon.
Peace+ Tim

Hello Bernard,et al!
You got it right on the nose. Vomiting is the most commonly experienced post treatment reaction. I haven’t administered Glucagon and NOT seen the person throw up afterwards.

I have not had the misfortune to use glucogon and I have 2 sets available. For awhile I was having very bad lows (40’a ans 50’s) and diabetic nurse ordered them for me. I usually use plain sugar, sugar water, apple juice or pepsi when I get a low like that.