GlucoGram - DexCom Share data in your Mac status bar

Certainly this is not just for parents, as Caleb uses this himself on his Mac, but I’m posting it here in the parenting group to be sure they’ve heard about this as I’m finding it very handy.

Originally posted months ago (man, I wish I had seen this post back then!), GlucoGram is a nifty little app that allows you to see CGM data easily as you are using a Mac.

Here’s what I currently see for Caleb (and he sees the same). There is also a graph visible when you click on the glucose number.


I’ve got it on my Mac at work as well as my home laptop. Very handy–just glance up and there’s your BG.

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Sigh. I would so love to switch to a Mac. Can’t do it as long as I’m working; I need an app that only runs on Windows. Sigh.


I use mac, linux and windows for work and do it all on my mac laptop. I have had great success using Parallels to make this work. It lets me run Windows on my mac, and has all sorts of neat features. You can share files between Mac and Windows, have Windows run in the background and show the Windows apps (like say Outlook) on the Mac desktop, so it feels like a regular app, etc.

You have to pay for Parallels and for a Windows license, but if you can swing that, it works really well.

Unfortunately my choice of hardware is constrained not only by availability of apps, but also by company security policies. None of the above is an option. I am constrained from providing further explanation.

I wouldn’t advise putting any of these types of apps on a work computer in the first place. lol. Having a TS/SCI with Lifestyle Poly…working in a SCIF, I feel your pain about company security policies. But home computer it’s certainly a possibility…but I’m a Windows guy.

Nor would I contemplate doing so. As I said, I really can’t supply any further illumination.

Please let me (and anyone else as clueless as I am) know what “TS/SCI” and “SCIF” stand for when you get a chance. Thank you.

Ah, acronyms: they are both a blessing and a curse.

TS/SCI = Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information.
Lifestyle Poly = A lie-detector (polygraph) test that is administered as a requirement for employment for some positions.
SCIF = Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility…basically, a secure area where no personal electronics are allowed due to the information contained within the area. The SCIF is where sensitive information is processed and stored.

I am curious about this too. Please respond ASAP, before this digression becomes a SNAFU.

Ooh, sounds very intriguing! Trade jobs for a week?

This is FUBAR, but I obviously need breakfast PDQ if you’re going to speak about IT during the AM.

NFW. Keep talking like that and I will go deliberately AWOL.

All of my secrets have been kept in a mayonnaise jar under Funk and Wagnel’s porch since noon yesterday. No one knows its contents. I hope.

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I can’t get the app to work on my Mac. I keep getting an error message. . .

Works for me on both my laptop and work Mac. What OS are you using and what error message do you see?

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