GlucoGram - DexCom Share data in your Mac status bar


Version 3.0 is available. Might be worth to try again. Also do you live in the US? If you haven’t done so, you should contact the developer directly ( He is very responsive and he might be able to help you.


I just installed it and it works perfectly. I am currently using a G4 transmitter and can see my BG on my receiver, phone, watch, and now Mac. Might be overkill. :grinning:


No such thing!


I have a new laptop and my glucogram was not updating in my status bar. As with so many things, I didn’t realize how much I used it until it was gone. I easily got it back in action, but thought it was worth bumping this discussion for those mac users who may not know about it.


Is there anything like this for a PC?


I recently switched from Glucogram to Sugarmate. Works as both a phone app and desktop status bar widget, connects from Dexcom Share, and has way more options for capturing and presenting your data than Glucogram. Dunno if it’s PC/Mac or Android/IOS agnostic (I’m on Mac), but definitely worth checking out.


Thank you! This looks pretty slick!!


Thank you! This looks pretty slick!!


Only issue I’ve had with it is that the desktop version likes to make you login more than it should. Recent updates claim to have addressed that problem.