Glucometer malfunction? Eating makes BG go down?

I waited until kind of late to eat dinner last night, so I was really hungry when we finally ate. Before eating I was at 90. Had egg drop soup, and chinese chicken and broccoli–the restaurant kind. No rice, and mostly broccoli with the brown sauce because I was sharing with someone else who likes chicken better than broccoli. I tested about an hour after eating and I was at 80. Do you think the food just hadn’t kicked in yet? I didn’t test again after that last evening but when I woke up this morning I was at 100.

Do you think maybe it was just a random glucometer blip within the margin of error, or can eating make your BG go down?

Considering the margin of error in meters, you could have been 20% either way each time you measured. So you COULD have started out at 75 (or so), risen to 106, and woken up at 120. Of course, these are numbers I pulled out of a hat for example’s sake, but you can’t take meter numbers too literally because of the margin of error that the FDA freely allows.

Like Natalie said, it could have just been the variation in your meter. Also, depending on how the egg drop soup was made, it would slow down digestion if it was fatty – broth can have a lot of fat in. It sounds like you did not drop low and you woke up at a decent number.

Only a CGM could tell exactly what happened. Considering that you hadn’t eaten for awhile and Chinese restaurant food and we don’t know if you bolused - one scenario that occurs to me is that your BG was on the way down before dinner when you tested at 90. It kept dropping during dinner, which hadn’t kicked in yet, and was starting to rise when you tested again an hour later.

I always carry 2 meters, however only double test, IF the BG number either is too high or too low to my liking …I would not with the numbers you provided .I don’t think it is a meter malfunction . Maybe this proves , that sticking to the same time of having your meals is needed , with the type of medication you take ??

Some foods actually make my bg go down. Last night I had a Taco salad with cheese and avacado and was 80 after. I think it was the fat in the avacodo. I would be happy.

All true. :slight_smile: I guess I should either test more, or less!

Even a CGM is not that accurate. First of all, it has a margin of error, just like a meter (only I think more), and second, interstitial fluid lags behind actual blood glucose, so the CGM reading is not “on time”.