Hi there,

When I was diagnosed last year with Type 2 I was put on 500mg of Glucophage twice a day - after a check up this was bumped up to 1000mg twice a day - I was hoping this would make me feel “good” but oh heck I have never felt worse - from tummy problems to constant nausea and everything that goes with that - are these common side effects and how long before I give up and try other meds (been on this dosage for 3 weeks now)??

tummy problems are a common side effect w/ glucophage

would depend how bad it is before I’d call the doc about getting off them

There is an Extended Version of metformin which some find helps with the GI distress. I am one of the lucky ones. I am on 2550 mg ( 3 x 850) and keep my fingers crossed - no problems. Usually some of the effects wear off in a few months but if they don’t talk to your doctor about ER version or another choice of med.

Well, took me 6-weeks on metoformin to get any benefit from the drug, it also took about that long to get rid of the adverse effects it had on my colon.

hang in there, if you think you should be better by now then call the doc, sure can’t hurt to ask an expert.

GI issues are common with metformin. Keep taking them but let your doctor know what is happening.

Please look up at meds the doctor gives you for side effects and how it works.

I found the only way I can tolerate 1000 mg of Metformin is to take it immediately after eating. Maybe that might help you?

1000 mg taken any other way but most especially on an empty stomach, is like industrial laxative for me!