Glucose Buddy 2.0, now 8 days old... Cute, adorable, and look at those cheeks! - iPhone Diabetes Technology

Like any normal parent, sometimes I just need to brag about my kids a bit.

Glucose Buddy 2.0’s response has been enormous, both in quality and quantity.

We’ve had 43 reviews since last week, of which an astonishing 26 of them have been for 5 stars. That is unheard of in the healthcare app market. Such a terrific response for something that’s not fun to do (take your blood sugar and spend more time logging it), proves to us that our vision has been right all along. We provide easy tools for people who are ready to help themselves.
We know we’re dealing with grown-ups and we’re not trying to convince people they need to take care of themselves better, but they now know that when they’re ready, Glucose Buddy is here for them.

I’ve been covering most of the customer service this week, taking calls directly at all hours of the day and night, and I must say it’s been extremely fun and inspiring to me, both as a business person and a diabetic.
Almost every phone call ends with a personal testimonial of how much Glucose Buddy has helped him/her. I’ve had so many terrific conversations with fellow diabetics. These discussions have most certainly reinforced that all of the work I, Tom Xu and the rest of the team have put into this has already been worth it, 10 fold. And we have only just begun… HOW FUN IS THIS!!!

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