Glucose levels have risen!

Hi Everyone!
I have Type 2 diabetes; but had been managing it pretty good. But, developed a frozen shoulder and also a slight tear in rotary cuff last year and struggled with that and also foot problems off and on at times. But all frozen shoulder has healed now, tear in rotary cuff bothers me sometimes but not all and foot problems are gone and my glucose levels rose some during that time due to stress and extra meds but have been off meds for awhile but still glucose levels are higher than they were then and I used to walk more but I have been so tired that it is hard to be active. Glucose runs before breadfast around 180- 197 about the last 2 weeks and it only goes down when I force my self to be active and at night it is usally around 180-185. The last time I went to the doctor I had an ear infection and she put me on antibiotics and said it will probable go down when the infection leaves, but I will be off the meds tomorrow. I take a half tablet of glyburide for my diabetes. My last A1C was 3mos. ago at that time it was 6.6 but she is going to do one in Feb. Sorry! this is long but was just wondering what or if this is anything similiar to what anyone else has experienced. Used to when I would walk or excercise my levels would go low or at least a lot lower than they do now. I am really confused. Would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

Everything you’re talking about is normal. Injuries put stress on the body and cause glucose levels to rise. Exercise is effective in lowering levels, as I am sure you have seen. And finally, antibiotics and infection can also cause levels to rise. Basically, everything causes levels to rise, any form of stress on the body or mind. Keep doing all the exercise you can, and ask your doctor what he or she thinks about the whole situation.

yeah some meds will cause higher sugars and add to that you are working out less (which burns off blood sugars) it’s pretty normal. hope you feel better soon

I have suffered from rotator cuff injuries and shoulder impingement. As Sarah notes, injuries are inflammations and can certainly cause your blood sugar to be elevated. If you were given steriod injections to address the shoulder problems, that certainly can cause high blood sugars. That should subside within a few weeks though. One thing that you may try is to take a course of NSAIDs, like Tylenol and see if you observe a marked decrease in your fasting blood sugar readings. Do this for a day or two and see if that helps.

You really need to rehab your shoulder and make it strong so this does not happen again. If you just become inactive and avoid the use of your shoulders, you will just be on a path to further problems. As long as you are not suffering from complete tears you can do a great deal of rehab at home to increase the range of motion in your shoulder and strengthen your rotator cuffs.

Thanks Sarah Jane for responding. What you wrote made me feel much better. I was diagnosed in 2005 as pre-diabetic and then later early diabetic and then now a diabetic and I had a terrible time admitting to myself, that I really had diabetes. For one thing I had stayed off of diabetic medicine and was so determined to do so and then when these different health problems started popping up and I had to go on glyberide it was really dishearting to me. I was just in some kind of denial because my glucose levels were so manageable for me it seemed for awhile; and then things went got worse and the levels would’nt respond as well and seemed like I could’nt get them too and I was’nt up to exercise either . However, since I posted and I am off the antibiotics now and the infection has gone, my levels are starting to come down. I guess I just wante to hear from someone who could reassure me. So, thank you very much!

Thanks Joe for your response! Since I posted my levels are going down, I am off the antibiotics and the infection is cleared and have felt more like exercising. I was glad to hear that this was normal. Thanks again!

Thanks bsc for your response! I have to make myself use that shoulder but you are so right about exercising it, I sure don’t want any more problems with my shoulder if I can help it. Also, my glucose levels are starting to go down now also, so I feel much better and not worried like I was. Thanks again!

Thanks Dave! I noticed that I was in the T1 forum only to late, after I had seen my post, I thought oops! Will hopefully get in right the next time. Thanks!