Glucose Meter Booboos?

Can a BG of 299 go down to a 132 in LESS than an hour?

Now, a little over an hour after the 132, I am now at 92.

I am beginning to wonder whether this can be a glucose meter booboo.

Oh Yes!!! Check your batteries! I’ve had something like that happen to me as well.
sigh… I’ve another vent:D I just opened a new glucometer from Accu-Chek. Instead of sending me a Compac they sent a Compact Plus and the darn log book wont fit in the cute little case that goes with it. ARGGGHHHH!!! ( Oh the things to fuss about.!)
MeadowLark… moody today.

Oh my gosh! That is nuts! Sounds funny to me! Not funny ha ha either! When I was first diagnosed, I went to a diabetes ed class. I was told by a nurse that One Touch Ultra and Ultra Smart is the best meter out. Who knows really!? But I have never had problems with mine!

I’ve had that issue, as well. Good thing is, I have at least 2 meters (one for home, another for school/being out and about), so I can always compare. Plus I have some older ones lying around that I can still try, given I have un-expired strips for them. I had trouble with one of my One Touch meters once, and after I compared and saw it was way off, they sent me a new one real quick. You should also do a control check (with the solution) to make sure it’s not a bad batch of strips.

But don’t doubt that you can go so low so quickly. It’s happened to me before. Always double check, 'cause you don’t wanna be stuck with a bad meter OR a bad, quick drop.

Manny I think you might be right but then again have you been doing alot of exercise to bring it down? I think I would still go wiht the meter booboo though.

Well, it’s happened to me before. Still, I always doublecheck unexpected highs before I correct because I’m just that paranoid.

well, I just found out my Freesytyle Freedom had been running at least 30-40 points high for at least 2-3 WEEKS! I’d been so depressed, because, as a new diabetic I thought I was doing such a good job with my diet & exercise. Guess what - turns out I was - my METER was CRAP! I got a Sidekick - and it was reading in the 105-120 range. Validated that at the doctors. There’s sure a LOT to learn about D.M.!

=And yeah - a few weeks ago - I had a “freak out” during a fight with my S.O. - right after a trip to Starbucks - my BG was 289. I took a walk & then chilled. Re-tested in one hour - it was 148. Go figure!


One really good habit to get into, if you haven’t already:

If you see an unexpected high, wash your hands and test again before you correct! A tiny bit of something sugary on your finger can really skew your test result. And things you don’t think of as sugary, like a bit of lemon juice or salad dressing can do this too.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a very high reading, washed my hands tested again and then seen what I expected!

Meadowlark…Your issue with the booklet is my issue too! I’m a graphic designer and I would never design a booklet that wouldn’t fit into the case. The same thing happened to me this week. I bought a new Freestyle Freedom monitor and the diary didn’t fit in their case either. I wonder if their are 3rd party cases available that we could buy that would accomadate our needs. I’ll look on the internet and see what I can find.