Glucose Numbers

I have been doing body building for the last 10 months, and i really got in shape, gained some weight (muscle mass). I also do a daily cardiac excersise to manage my fats leve. I follow a very low carb diet and my energy comes mainly from protein rich foods.

The issue im facing lately is a rise in my BG levels, its not a huge rise however the management of my BG seems to be more intesnse in order to keep normal BG level.

Has any body faced that before and how did you manage it?

There are some things that can cause some blood sugar rise with the regime you are following. Protein digests over a period of hours and can cause increases in blood sugars in the time between meals. Also your body naturally generates growth hormone overnight after you workout increasing dawn phenomenon. I’ve been training for a while, so I don’t really find it noticable.