Glucose Readings

Curious what everyone thinks of the numbers below. I went a little glucose crazy because I couldn’t accept the readings, my daughters last meal was lunch at noon and these were all taken at 4:30 before dinner.
1st was 146
2nd was 99 ( I was instructed to take a 3rd if the numbers aren’t within the 15%)
3rd was 209 ( I panicked here)
4th was 159 ( I than went and got a different machine so about 5 minutes later)
5th was 120

Are ANY of these readings actually real? Her hands were clean, only difference was that I used an alcohol prep pad on the last one just to be doubly sure. I don’t normally use prep pad because I read that they can actually interfere with the readings, sometimes causing a lower than expected result. I am still getting used to this checking blood sugar thing, any feedback would be nice :slight_smile:

That’s happened to me before. So frustrating!! Researched and went an bought a Contour Next meter. I’m guessing you didn’t use Contour Next. Rated universally as the most accurate BG meter.

Actually that first 4 numbers were with the contour next machine… thats what frustrated me so much. The last one was done on my sister Omnipod, I have been using the contour next machine since September and never had this problem. I went ahead and ordered the control solution but I am extremely frustrated because I need these numbers for her next vist

I’ve never had that happen with the Contour Next. When I am way off from my Dexcom CGM I usually take a blood meter test twice and the two blood are always within a few points. I don’t prick myself twice tho. You might try that in the future for piece of mind.

If you ultimately find out what happened please let us know.

Never had that happen using contour next meter unless self inflicted and then not to that extent. By self inflicted I mean taking reading just before and after very lengthy hot shower, exercising in aerobic state etc. It appears that most of the replies you are getting so far is from old folks, I mean individuals that are no longer children or not caring for children. I have heard that there is far greater variability in children than in adults, so hope you can get feedback from other parents with young children. You may want to consider a CGM as that would allow you much better control as well as peace of mind.

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Never had variability like that with clean dry hands. One possibility that has concerned me is the easy by which Contour next strips could be contaminated, I know I always make sure my son’s hands are clean before he finger pricks, but occasionally if he’s wasting time I’ll fish out the strip and set up his meter without washing my own hands first.:scream:

A blood glucose test measures the amount of glucose in your blood. It may be used to help diagnose or monitor diabetes. You don’t need a prescription to purchase glucometers, test strips or lancets; you can buy them over the counter. You can also take the advice from The Health Exchange Agency to take advice for the plan like medicare supplement plan G.

If it is just alcohol, the reason not to use it is that regular use will dry the skin. If the alcohol evaporates completely, it’s use will NOT affect the reading. Better to wash with soap/water, and dry THOROUGHLY if one suspects contaminates such as Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce! DAMHITK. LOL. I had wiped as much of the sauce off with paper towels and got a very high reading. Thankfully my wife suggested I go to the restroom and clean my hands well. The next reading was far lower than the one taken before washing/drying my hands. I actually made the same mistake twice, at Famous Dave’s. DUH!

I have also seen variations in my glucometer but not of such kind. Have used different meters and found abbott free style the best (still its old school).

One thing you can do is buy glucose testing urine strip, this may be helpful to find if the blood sugar is too high

There are a couple of published studies on meter accuracy, and the Contour Next is definitively the best. The Freestyle Freedom/Freedom Lite are OK, Freestyle Optium less so (different study to the one linked below)

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