Glucose tablet key ring and other gadgets available in the UK

Good morning

I wonder if anyone knows where I could find something in the UK that I could use to put my glucose tablets in and put on my key ring. I know that you can get something like that in the US - but that is a bit far away for me!

Also any suggestions for something similar to put some spare/used needles in - also to carry on a key ring - or have I just invented something?

I am sick of carrying heavy bags with drinks, snacks, plastic boxes for clean needles, boxes for used needles ......... I use a Joe's small-in-one pouch but am sick of leaving a trail of needles because the zip won't stay closed. I think I have managed to cure this by putting a clip on the zip - but again it is bulky if I want to dress smart!

go to ebay and search tablet box

What are all the needles you are carrying about? Are you using an insulin pen or syringes?

I am using insulin pens. Do not like the idea of carrying them around in pockets - have a tendency to shed them and though they are sealed it is not very hygienic! Sorry did not get back to you Dee. I have been abroad for a month!

with regards to the needles, can you not just use a BD Clipper and then just throw the needle in the bin?

Do you not re-use needles then? When I was using pens I’d use the same needle for the life of the cartridge, unless it started to feel uncomfortable.

Reuse needles?? Serious?? There is a major risk of infection there isnt tjhere?

I did it for 18 years and never had any problems.

you know what Dee your completely right! most things now are over the top, lol

Why does it bother anyone that I want to carry clean needles in a hygienic manner and for them to be accessible to me? In the UK we are not allowed to put clipped needles in the bin. If I have them in my pocket I can lose them when I am picking something else out of my pocket! I also have to carry clean needles around!

Hi latvianchick

I didn’t mean to sound like you shouldn’t use clean needles. In your original post you said you were "sick of carrying heavy bags with drinks, snacks, plastic boxes for clean needles, boxes for used needles … ". I just thought that if you could re-use the needle on your pen (and leave it attached to the pen while in use) you could cut down on the spare needles (new & used) that you carry.

I am also in the UK and get a sharps container from my GP for my used bits. I used to work in a hospital lab so it was easy to dispose of them when full and luckily a friend who still works there gets rid of them for me.

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I too re-use the needles on my pen. I find I can get through a whole day’s shots using the same needle that is attached to the pen in use. But I always also carry a spare clean needle and I find the packaging is quite secure. I even have them hanging around the bottom of my handbag with all the other odds and ends and the packaging stays intact. They are a miracle of good design! Latvianchick - how about using an empty pill or vitamin plastic container to carry around your fresh needles? They are tamper-proof and sturdy yet do not take up much space. You can fit quite a few fresh needles in them too. BTW when I am on holiday I use these pill/vitamin containers as temporary sharps containers.

Hey Latvianchick,

I know the perfect thing for you. I’ve bought one myself and use it daily. Much better than carrying dextrose tab packs around and them disintegrating in your pocket.

For Dextrose and Lucozade tablets I wanted a black one but they never seem to have any in stock :frowning:

Here’s a very poor quality pic of mine.

I don’t have any advice for needle carrying that goes on a keyring, but I use an old film pot to put my used ones in. Holds about 15 or so. Quite handy. I too only use needles once. That’s the only way to know that they are sterile and as sharp and painless as possible :slight_smile:

I share your annoyance mate. I have to carry a backpack as I hate things in pockets usually. I’ll work on some ideas.
What would the specs kinda be? Like how many needles roughly would it need to carry?
What about carrying pens & blood meter as well (with strips etc)?
A slender tube system sounds like the way to go. Used needles slide in on e end and maybe pushes a new one out (the other end) ready for use. The pens could be held in a barrel (tube) next to it. Add/remove as many tubes as you like (add more for long journey’s). What do you think?

Two pens, 6 needles (to be on the safe side, I inject 5 x a day but sometimes might muff up or need to split doses if I am really high, therefore an extra needle.) One each of two types of insulin cartridges. I am also going to be having to carry an epi-pen due to severe anaphylaxis during the summer. That has its own inbuilt needle.

I think the meter, pricker and can go in its own carrier.

Great Idea! :wink:

I found a brilliant solution for carrying glucose tablets on my keyring in the Desang magazine online. See:-
It's designed by someone who has diabetes to carry 4 glucose tablets, either clipped on to a key ring or attached on a neck band.