Glucose Tablets

Do you often find that glucose tablets bring you up too much? When I was diagnosed, it would take about 4 tablets to bring me from 60-70 to a good number. Now, even 1 tablet seems to send me up about 30 to 40 points whereas other carbs behave like they should (about 4 points per carb). Why is it that 4g of carbs in a tablet will do more than 4g in other foods?


Glucose tablets raise me up 50 points per tablet. I can only stand the orange ones. I have been using them to treat lows since I was diagnosed 11 years ago and I guess it kind of just “stuck”. I only use them when I’m out (like at work). Otherwise, I will treat w a small amount of juice.

My normal carb ratio is 5g raises me 25 points. But one glucose tablet is 5g and it raises me double.

No matter what glucose tabs do or how we like 'em, they still are one of the fastest ways of treating a low.
They don’t require digestion.
They’re already glucose.
They’re measurable. They’re reliable.
Cut them in half if they put you up more than you want.
Then work out how many halves you need to raise you from a 60 to 100, from 50 to 100, from 40 to 100 and stick with it. Take more if you are still going down 15 min. later. But test, don’t check just your feelings.
Other carbs need digestion and behave in conjunction with what else is with them, which slows them down.
Every time I’ve taken care of someone in a low I’ve asked later what he/she had taken.
I’ve never had to help someone out of a low who has taken glucose tabs.
For myself a half raises me 13 points. 3 halves raise me 40 points. Do a good test when you’re not taking anything else. Repeat it so you’re sure during another time when no food is on board.
Foods used for lows often require a correction later.
Sensitivity to glucose can change over diabetes life.